With every graduating year, a new breed of business managers is being left to run wild in the job market. And considering the significant numbers of graduating business managers, the competition in this domain has become stiff, really really stiff.


Established as well as aspiring business managers are seeking harbour from online management courses with certificates that can help them gain their edge back. These courses help professionals gain up-to-date knowledge and skills of the domain, preparing them for the wilderness of the changing business environment.


But surviving the cut-throat competition is not enough; business managers need skills and traits to perform their role and responsibilities effectively. With that in mind, here is an extensive list of essential traits and skills every successful business manager has and should have:-


  1. A Successful Business Manager Fosters Innovation


How do you think Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk made it to the top of the list?


Fostering innovation and empowering their teams is what brought them where they are today. They don’t care about making people feel good; they care about helping them drive creativity. They don’t believe in micromanaging people; they simply encourage innovative ideas and approaches to help people implement them.


So whether you are looking to develop robust business strategies or manage your organisation’s overall productivity, you need to foster innovation.


  1. A Successful Business Manager Encourages Others to Take Risk and Innovate


Experimentation is key when it comes to establishing and maintaining your company’s edge.


  • How do you think Tesla got ahead?
  • Do you think Tesla would have been where it is if no one would have supported Elon Musk to create an electric car?


By creating a culture that embraces failures, you can encourage employees to test their theories and put new ideas on the table. Make them feel their ideas and creativity are valued. After all, big breakthroughs don’t happen if your company plays safely. So encourage others to take the risk, bring forth new ideas, and innovate.


Simply put, make it safe for them to fail.


  1. A Successful Business Manager Values Ethics and Integrity


Ethics and integrity are one of the two most important attributes of a business manager. A business manager with high ethical standards displays a commitment to fairness, instilling confidence in both employees and senior management that he/she will honour the rules of the game.


Furthermore, employees want to feel safe in their workplace and know that their manager will advocate for them, treat them fairly, and do what’s right for the business. So, as a business manager, it is imperative to act with integrity, build trust within your team, and create model behaviour practices for others in the organisation.


Value and integrity cannot be taught. However, if you strive to acquire the rest of a successful business manager’s traits, online management courses with certificates are the answer. These courses can help you stay abreast of the fast-changing and complex business environment.


  1. A Successful Business Manager Acts Decisively


Effective business managers make strategic decisions quickly, even before any definitive information is available. Having relevant data at your disposal helps because it enables you to get a whiff of emerging opportunities that align with the long-term goals and objectives of your organisation.


And remember, once you make a decision, stick with it unless there’s a compelling reason not to. Second-guessing doesn’t look good on a strong and successful business manager. And your goal is to move the organisation forward. However, that is not going to happen if you can’t make a decision without wavering.


The professional certificate program in general management from IIM Kozhikode can help you master the art of fast decision making. By providing exposure to every nook and cranny of the business environment, this course enables professionals to build expertise to overcome organisational challenges.


  1. A Successful Business Manager is Visionary


It’s extremely challenging to pursue a dream if you don’t have a clear vision of that dream. A business manager must have a clear vision of what they and the organisation are aiming to accomplish. Being a visionary is perhaps one of the most vital traits of a successful business manager.


Without the ability to envision a goal, you’ll not be able to set objectives for your team. And if you cannot set objectives for your team, your team will not have a clear idea of what they are expected to do. If they don’t know that, they’ll not be able to achieve organisational goals. So you see how being a visionary is a crucial trait for a business manager.


There are several credible online management courses with certificates that can help you acquire this trait. However, wait till the end of the blog before you scour the internet for credible online management courses with certificates.


  1. A Successful Business Manager is a Problem Solver


If an obstacle makes you want to hit the brakes and go home, you have no business becoming a business manager. As a business manager, you’ll constantly be facing challenges. And if you are not a problem solver, you are at a clear disadvantage.


Managing business operations and averting crisis are the main responsibilities of a business manager. And being in charge means that people assume you have all the answers.


So, do you have all the answers? If not, it’s time to hone your problem-solving skills. And the professional certificate program in general management from IIM Kozhikode can help you do just that. By providing hands-on experience to every major challenge you can face, this course aims to help you prepare and become a better problem-solver.


Have You got What it Takes?


A business manager role, while incredibly rewarding, can also be pretty taxing.


So don’t toy with your future and upskill. Credible online management courses with certificates are the ideal pathway to doing that. One such credible online course you can rely on is the professional certificate program in general management from IIM Kozhikode. So whether you are striving to gain in-depth knowledge about top global business strategies or simply looking to hone your skills and acquire the traits of a successful business manager, consider enrolling in this course.



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