In a highly interdependent and interconnected field with several different stakeholders and tasks such as supply chain management, it is extremely important to effectively coordinate and manage the activities, tasks and stakeholders to minimize losses and maintain smooth movement. Even a small error in one step can have a multiplier effect, causing huge losses. With globalization, more layers of complexities have been added to the supply chain management process. It is crucial for businesses to design, strategize and implement activities for these global supply chains in an optimal manner that ensures maximum value, minimum leakages and overall business profitability and growth in the long-run. This is possible only if the supply chain executives are adequately skilled and trained in planning, design and execution of the global supply chain. For supply chain executives to have these skills and competencies, it is not sufficient if they have experience. They must be educated and up-skilled through supply chain certificate courses to thrive in the complex, dynamic and globalizing business world and to demonstrate leadership and expertise in handling various matters. Here is one of the best supply chain certificate courses which will help you in this pursuit.


Executive Development Program in Global Supply Chain Management from IIFT, New Delhi

This supply chain certificate course is a 5-month long online executive course offered by Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi. IIFT is a premier Ivy League Institute and is ranked among the top 10 institutes for management studies in India. Professionals, private and public sector employees and research scholars interested in understanding core concepts in supply chain management and to learn the practical application of these concepts in the effective execution of supply chain management must take this course.


Develop expertise: This supply chain certificate course provides a nuanced and in-depth theoretical understanding of the core supply chain concepts like design optimization, policy of vendor selection, logistics, risk management, analytics, etc. as well as their practical application in the complex, dynamic and globalizing business world and supply chain industry. The participants will gain a deep insight into the industry and its contemporary challenges as well as understand how to practically apply the various tools and technology.


Develop leadership: Problem-solving is a major component of leadership and a critical skill in supply chain management. As discussed earlier, several problems are bound to arise in an interconnected field such as this and supply chain experts and managers must have critical thinking and effective problem-solving skills to thrive in this field. This supply chain certificate course is designed in such a manner that the participant will develop/enhance both these skills and practically apply them.


So, demonstrate your leadership and expertise with this supply chain certificate course and forge ahead in your career.

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