As a Founder, leader, manager or even a mentor to a set of individuals, you want to make sure that your team is pushing its boundaries. Sometimes individuals or even teams get pulled back from what they can achieve because of their own perception of limitations or challenges. Those can impact the kind of growth that the organization can get, but due to this, does not. Performance management lies at the heart of how growth actually takes place. Hence organizations need to take steps to create and sustain a growth mindset within its teams.

Here are some ways to do that –

  1. Encourage employees to think through challenges and problems – It is only when there is active brainstorming that new ideas arise. When discussion and debates take place, and individuals share their thoughts, there is a likelihood of innovation. And innovation fuels growth.
  2. Define and perpetuate growth – Share your vision of growth and perpetuate it, for the employees to know and understand. Help them realize what the definition is and how to reach the growth goals. Encourage them to set their own individual goals based on the organization’s plans.
  3. Allow for calculated risks – Employees who are allowed to take calculated or assessed risks, are the ones who become courageous enough to drive growth. They are the ones who make sure that growth takes place in a different way. If they are empowered to do this, they know that the organization trusts their approach and their process, even if it’s new.
  4. Think of what triggers growth – You need to explore the unique nature of your organization and your workforce or team to know the triggers for growth. Depending on the triggers you can work on creating sustainable steps that will be needed and also direct the organization or the team towards those triggers.
  5. Make your team open to change – Work on creating a team which has a mindset that accepts and adapts to change actively. Carry out any forms of training that will help you to sensitize your team in terms of knowing how to deal with change in positive ways. Growth will result in massive changes and only a team that can accept those changes, use to its advantage and then scale up is what is needed.


These are some ways in which you can create and foster a growth mindset in your team. It will allow you to form a team that is more future-ready.

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