Digital Marketing is definitely the buzzword today and not only so, but it has also actually become integral to core marketing. Interacting with targeted audiences in real-time, with the help of Internet marketing tools, has certainly given digital marketing the edge over its traditional counterpart.


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Businesses, small and big are doing everything they can to keep up with the change & evolution of modern technologies. What differentiates a successful, thriving business from one that has failed is its ability to attract its targeted audiences online and convert them to leads or sales. Various Digital Marketing tools and techniques provide you with the best chances for competition, survival and even business growth.

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These are a few successful online marketing campaigns which prove that digital marketing is essential and arguably the more important part of marketing, decide for yourself:


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  • Display Marketing: Star Sports


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Cricket is not just a sport in India, it is a religion. And once every four years, when teams are prepping for the World Cup – the sentiments are at an all-time high. Cashing in on this sentiment during 2015’s World Cup was Star Sports with its Mauka Mauka ad. The video ad revolved around the anxiety and tension of a fan during a match between India and Pakistan. It captured the public emotion successfully with a little humour. The video ad became an instant hit – so much that it got a million organic views within 12 hours of being online, reviving an incredible amount of conversations and sentiments around the world cup theme.


The success of the first ad on YouTube encouraged Star Sports to run it as a TVC, and later into a series involving teams from South Africa and Bangladesh.


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  • Social Media Marketing: Paper Boat

Paper Boat is a brand known for bringing back memories of our childhood with various home-made drinks. During monsoon, they ran a digital campaign, especially on their social pages, called #FloatABoat. With the purpose of taking consumers back to their childhood monsoon memories, the company launched this campaign on social media encouraging customers to float a boat this monsoon.

To engage with their customers, they asked people to make a boat and share it on their social profiles using the hashtag #FloatABoat. Furthermore, they promised to donate Rs. 20/- towards children’s education with each share they got on social media platforms. The campaign was a huge success with many timelines and social pages flooding with paper boats.


  • Email Marketing: Uber

One of the most effective email campaigns includes Uber. What’s most striking about their emails is the simplicity. They use emails to let their subscribers know about their deals and promotions. A short & crisp initial description, along with a very clear call-to-action these emails are perfect for subscribers who are just skimming through their inbox. They also have a detailed, yet the simple, step-by-step explanation of how it works, in case people want to know more.

What works about these emails are how they are all telling their brand story. All of their communications and marketing assets – from website, app, to social media pages and other visual brand assets – are extremely consistent with their bright colours and geometric patterns. This tactic of Uber’s has proven to have increased its brand loyalty among customers.


  • Mobile Marketing: Amazon India

Amazon India is the leading e-commerce brand in the country today. The Great Indian Freedom Sale is all over the internet with their ads and promos. Their good digital marketing strategies did not just limit to ads to display networks, they also did aggressive in-app marketing with their ads and promo videos displayed on different mobile apps. Promotional content that involved details of the fan activities and contests, caught many eyeballs via mobile marketing.


You see the trend has overturned the tide and Marketing has become Digital first. While businesses are increasingly getting onto the digital wave, there is an equally growing need for skilled professionals in the Digital Marketing domain.


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