India as a nation is gearing itself up to be empowered digitally. So much that you don’t remember the last time you paid in cash for the groceries at the supermarket next door or used paper currency to purchase a phone or a laptop. You even choose to pay online over cash-on-delivery for the things you buy from Amazon. In fact, you prefer carrying little cash in your wallet as opposed to bundled bills. We have been making payments on our debit and credit cards for a long time now, not realising we were going cashless and transacting with digital money.


But if you thought that digitizing finance was only to make your personal life better, think again. The nuances of Finance in the digital space have been impacting your role in your business or your organization for more than a decade now. That could have been your salary transfer into your bank account or NEFT / RTGS/ SWIFT payment to your vendors. It could also be your customer paying you by swiping his card or transacting via Payment Gateway or even through e-wallets. Not too long from now, you will be tracking payments over UPI or BHIM. Conventional financial transactions are soon becoming a thing of the past. So much so that you may be quoting your clients in some cryptocurrency instead of Rupees or USD. So whatever you do for a living or purchase for your living (pun intended) – you are interacting in or with digital finance.


If any of the above intrigue you or make you nervous, you need to look into the Executive Certificate Program in Digital Finance from IIM Kashipur.


In an attempt towards becoming a more transparent, cashless economy, India has seen the introduction of a number of digital financial assets like e-wallets, payment banks, and mobile payments like Samsung Pay etc. But while the nation plans on going completely cashless, how prepared are you to deal with various facets of the fast-growing digital economy? Your interactions with digital finance, therefore, are going to be far more intense in the not-so-near future.


Finance is an evergreen domain and the advent of digital has only opened a plethora of opportunities in Digital Finance. Get onto the digital wave of finance with an Executive Certificate Program in Digital Finance from IIM Kashipur. This course has been designed to help you understand the entire spectrum of digital finance – from business model, product design and strategic risk to planning, regulations, policy, and fraud management. Some of the other takeaways of this comprehensive course are:


Understand the dynamic landscape of digital economy
Gain in-depth and holistic understanding of Finance in the new age Digital India.


Learn about the futuristic Digital Currencies
Digital Currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, PPCoin and their impact on businesses.


Find new business avenues
Identify opportunities for business expansion through digital financial services.


Get certified by an IIM!
Upon completing the course successfully, earn a Certificate of Completion from IIM Kashipur.


Keeping with the Digital India trend, a recent report by McKinsey Global Institute states that Digital finance is likely to open up over 21 million jobs by 2025, add a whopping $700 billion to India’s GDP. If you want to hop onto the Digital Finance bandwagon, fill in your details and we will get back to you with more information on the Executive Certificate Program in Digital Finance from IIM Kashipur.


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