Digital marketing is a fairly new field of marketing which deals with all the marketing efforts done by a company on the internet. An example of digital marketing would by advertising is done by a brand on any online marketing channel such as Facebook, Twitter, search engines like Google, emails, blogs etc. Today, it is a popular career choice with many educational websites offering a digital marketing online certification as well as universities giving a digital marketing certification to its students.


A digital marketing analyst is somebody who helps in creating and implementing digital marketing strategies to achieve the business objectives of the organization.

Digital Marketing Analyst Job Description

If you are a digital marketing analyst, you will be doing the following things:


1. Campaign Strategy and Management

As a digital marketing analyst, you would have to analyse data from your online marketing campaigns and find out areas where you need to focus your advertising. You would also assist in creating strategies for different ad campaigns and manage them. A portion of your time will be devoted to development of online content for different web marketing channels like e-commerce portals, blogs, social media portals etc. You may handle one product or a host of products.


2. Reporting and Analysis

One of the major requirements in this role is to maintain and share all relevant performance metrics. It means that you are also responsible for publishing of all reports and dashboards. You would have to release them at an agreed upon time and regularly shares actionable insights which will help the organization in making strategic decisions.


3. Analytical and Technical Support

As a digital marketing analyst, your work will involve measuring and analysing online marketing campaigns like paid and organic search, affiliate marketing, display marketing, social media marketing and email marketing. To do so, you need to be strong with analytical tools like Google Adwords, Google Analytics etc. as well as have good command over Microsoft Office tools like Excel, Powerpoint, Access etc.


5. Communication Support

It is a regular task for a person in this role to provide support in communication plans. Communication plans are built on the insights provided by the analyst who also assists in finalising the content of communication plans.

A digital marketing analyst needs to keep a close watch on numbers. Hence, companies prefer a person with at least a bachelor’s degree in technology, statistics or related disciplines. While a hardcore web analytics background might not be required at an entry level, an in-depth understanding of digital marketing, as well as knowledge of some of the tools used, is important. If you are interested in a career in digital marketing field, it is best to prepare yourself accordingly.


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