All marketers have one constant question – Is my marketing campaign giving me a positive return on investment? As digital marketing gets bigger in volume, the question of return on investments is becoming more important to digital marketers. With increase in smartphone usage, high internet speed and cheaper data plans, more customers are using internet. Even the time spent on internet and the number of activities done on internet are increasing. It is obvious then that everyone wants to come on the internet and use online marketing to promote their product or service.

Digital marketing has several benefits which can make us say that it gives an assured return on investment compared to other traditional means of marketing.

Firstly, digital marketing allows us to target customers smartly. When a customer searches anything online, by means of keyword marketing, we can put our advertisement in between the search results. This is called Search Engine Marketing. This is a great method to make a customer see your advertisement at the time when he is looking for that product. The chance of the customer buying that product or at least registering the ad in his mind increases exponentially.

Secondly, digital marketing lets you understand customer feedback accurately. Analytics is a specialized field within digital marketing where the data of all the customer’s who saw your ad or visited your website can be collected. By using different models, marketers can understand what customers like or do not like and plan there marketing campaigns accordingly. This is much better than a traditional marketing method like a billboard or a print ad where there is no direct feedback or dependable data.

Thirdly, digital marketing can help us connect with the customer through out his buying cycle. For example, when the customer is trying to learn about the product, he searches for it. At that time, we use search engine marketing to show him our products. Then, we can show him display ads whenever he is online browsing through websites. Once he makes the decision to buy our product, we can directly link him through our emails and ads to the e-commerce website portal where he can buy. In the end, if he is a satisfied customer, he can talk positively about the product on social media. The job of the marketer is to know what the goal of his marketing campaign is and choose his promotional channels accordingly.

The marketing investment on different digital marketing channels is different and the digital marketer has to be smart in planning his campaign. A well-executed marketing campaign will help get assured returns on investment, not only in a monetary sense but also through building a better image for the brand which will give results later.


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