Digital marketing is a field where marketing principles are applied in the digital world. It is a specialised field of marketing and requires some training. If you want to be a digital marketer, then you can go to a college to train yourself or you can also study through some online digital marketing courses available on the internet. If you can handle basic data crunching and don’t mind some hard work, this could be a good career for you.

Digital marketing is hard because of the intricacies of the job. You have to stay interesting in the eyes of the customer and meet business objectives through your marketing efforts.

In digital marketing, there are two ways to market your product – push and pull. ‘Push’ means that you will be pushing the promotional content to the customer and it is up to the customer to receive it. For example, you send a mail to your potential customers to visit your website and buy a limited-edition pen. When your potential customer gets the mail, he should be interested in the heading to open the mail, read it and visit the website to buy the pen. It is a hard job to make a message interesting enough for the customer to read it and then make a purchase.

As a marketer you also should ensure all rules and regulations regarding sending any communication to the customers are adhered to. If not, your mail could go into the spam folder or as a marketer you can get blacklisted temporarily as well.

In the ‘pull’ method, the potential customer whom you are targeting would be pulling the content directly. For example, you are a marketer for a home loans company and have created a blog where customers can read about home loan process. Now, a customer needs to learn about home loans and he searches online and reaches your blog himself. This is pull method. Such a method requires you to have relevant and valuable content on social media channels so that customer is attracted and forms a connection. It is also important to ensure you use the right keywords to appear in search results.

You also need to track your social media channels constantly, which can be a tiresome job for some. Your presence in social media means that not only can you reach your customers quickly, they reach you for complaints as well and need immediate response. You have to be agile on social media or else your social media marketing can backfire.

You also need to be creative and have a sense of design. A lot of brand image is made in the customer’s mind by what they see.

A digital marketing career would require you to do the above things and deliver business results for the organization. While it requires hard work, it can also be a great career path for you.

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