Digital Marketing is a fast-growing field that presents a plethora of exciting new opportunities for job seekers in India. A job opportunity in digital marketing is fast-paced and challenging. At the same time, it offers unbounded opportunities to explore one’s creative side coupled with web analytical tools to drive outstanding digital marketing campaigns.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing relates to advertising provided through digital channels like websites, email, search engines and mobile applications, Digital marketing comprises a huge range of marketing efforts with the ultimate objective to increase sales, conversions and brand awareness.


Massive demand for Digital Marketing professionals

With increasing marketing budgets, higher salary in the digital marketing market and ever-growing career choices, the digital marketing arena is hogging the limelight in the corporate job sector. There has been an exponential surge in digital marketing jobs on a global scale and digital marketers are considered precious commodities. With the opportunity to guide your career, the advantages of a job opportunity in digital marketing are colossal.


How to Kick-Start your Digital Marketing career and make it Flourish?


Comprehend the data

Data analytics is the crux of digital marketing. The creativity of a digital marketer should be based on sound data-driven insights. You should be able to prove to the prospective employer that you understand the importance of data and know ways of using it.


Find out as much as possible about the field

Knowing SEO is vital for a digital marketing career, you should be able to demonstrate the know-how on vital metrics and various marketing platforms.


Make new contacts

Use social media skills and nurture relationships with people to help you land your first job opportunity in the digital marketing arena. Acquaint yourself with industry experts and search for opportunities to build connections with apex digital marketing agencies.


Establish a following

An active presence on social media networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogging can give you the much-needed credibility in this field. This will help you showcase your meaningful insights through social media to future employers.


Get Certified

Get a competitive edge over your fellow job seekers by investing time in digital marketing certification courses. Multiple online resources cover a wide range of relevant topics through flexible learning ways.


Career Scope in Digital Marketing

Apart from being an in-demand specialist, you will have a wide range of career progression choices. You can set your own professionals growth goals and constantly network with professionals. You will have tremendous opportunities to learn new things with a high degree of flexibility. You will the harbinger of regular change to the marketing efforts of the organization and most important of all, you get to travel the world exposing yourself to new professional work environments, gaining valuable and indispensable job experience.

Different sub-branches are spinning out of the digital marketing sector that can themselves be regarded as fully-functional career options.


Jobs Opportunity

There are various job opportunities in India when it comes to a digital marketing career path. Following are some of the common profiles that are available in the Digital Marketing sector in India.


Web Designer and Developer

This profile is responsible for creating, crafting and maintaining websites. Beforehand knowledge of languages like HTML, JavaScript, .NET and content management systems like WordPress and Magento is essential for this job description.

Average Salary – Rs 4 Lacs to 9 Lacs per annum


SEO Expert/Analyst

SEO analysts make sure that the website is getting optimal traffic by making efforts to improve the search ranking of websites in Google. This job profile ensures that the webpage optimization is done according to the requirements of the search engine. They also work on increasing the mobile-friendliness of the website and remove any crawling issues. SEO is the best job opportunity in the digital marketing sector in India.

Average Salary– 4 lacs to 12 lacs per annum


Content Writer and Marketer

If you are passionate about writing then the content writer position is the best job opportunity in the digital marketing field in India. A content marketer is responsible for creating trending and optimized website content in coordination with the SEO team.

Average Salary– 4 Lacs to 14 Lacs per annum


Digital Marketing Manager

This managerial position is tasked with overseeing the digital marketing strategies, traffic generation and supervision of the content and design team.

Average Salary– 8 Lacs to 22 Lacs per annum


Final Thoughts

The digital marketing scenario is highly dynamic. Keeping yourself updated with the latest developments and preferably getting certified through reputed digital marketing courses will make you stand out in the intensely competitive field of digital marketing employment in India.



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