Branding is establishing a positive image in your customers’ minds through a name, design, term, symbol or any other feature. The most effective way to improve your brand image and help people recognize your brand is through digital marketing. How people perceive you as a business is decided by your branding initiatives.


A Digital-First Approach

Today people spend more than half their time on digital channels and are totally immersed in technology. A brand that does not have a digital presence will not have any chances of engaging the audience and finding new prospects simply because no one is looking at it.


Consumers Connect with Brands via Digital Channels 

Consumers are increasingly using digital devices to engage with the brands they support. An ad in the paper or a billboard was sufficient to connect with customers earlier. But today’s consumer actively seeks out brands. With the advent of the internet and digital technology, consumer interest has shifted to websites, blogs, testimonials, reviews, and other online content. They prefer to communicate with brands via digital channels. They expect a brand to have a digital presence.


Digital Marketing Enhances Customer Experience

84% of consumers expect a response within 24 hours if they are reaching out to a brand on a social network and 60% consider it bad customer service if they do not get a response. Social media and other social channels offer opportunities for enhancing customer service functions. They also provide a chance to communicate with consumers on a more dynamic level.

Brand interactions have moved from static to real-time, allowing brands and their audience opportunities for dialogues and meaningful exchanges. In order to make your brand a consistent image, it is important to have a digital approach that focuses on taking advantage of digital openings to enhance the customer experience.


Building a Digital Identity

Building a digital identity would imply cultivating a multi-channel presence on all your customer’s preferred platforms. These could include social media, email, websites, blogs, mobile apps, television, instant messaging platforms. One of the strongest tools for achieving a solid foundation for brand identity is content. The content you create should tell your customers everything they need to know about your brand.


Targeted Campaigns

Digital marketing prioritizes targeted marketing. For example, an organization can segment its email list and create different versions on the same marketing email in order to personalize content, offers, images, words, based on factors like buyer’s journey stage, purchasing history, demographics, etc.


Online Digital Marketing Certification

To learn more about this area an online digital marketing certification is recommended. Simplilearn, Udemy, Digital Vidya, UpGrad offer digital marketing online courses. Talentedge offers digital marketing online courses in collaboration with IIM (Raipur), XLRI (Jamshedpur), MICA

Digital marketing will help your brand to connect with customers at their level. It will also help you to provide better customer experience, facilitate meaningful interactions, ensure your marketing messages are targeted and help you stay flexible in an ever-changing digital world.


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