Until the last decade, there was only one form of marketing prevalent – direct marketing. With technology taking the forefront and the world shifting to a digital paradigm, there has been an emergence of another dominant form of marketing – digital marketing.

Opting between these two marketing forms can certainly be perplexing. However, understanding the basics of these forms of marketing can help you decide how you want to exhibit your product/service to the target audience.


Understanding Direct Marketing (Offline Marketing)

Direct marketing is a type of marketing where companies directly interact with customers through various mediums including text messaging, promotional letters, newspapers, magazine advertisements, etc. Even with the rising acceptance of digital marketing, direct marketing remains relevant. Companies are looking out for skilled candidates who can present their product or services to their targeted market in the most efficient manner.


Different Types of Direct Marketing

Following are the type of direct marketing:-


  •  Direct Mail
    Direct mail is basically a posted mail that markets your business and its products and services. There are various types of direct mails including postcards, envelope mailers, catalogues, pamphlets etc. It is typically sent to all postal customers in a particular area.


  • Telemarketing
    Telemarketing involves contacting targeted customers through the phone to sell products or services. It has the prospects of generating new customers in large volumes.


  • Direct Selling
    Direct selling involves salesmen and saleswomen selling products or services directly to customers at their workplace or home. It includes door-to-door sales, network marketing, party plans, etc.


  • Text or SMS Marketing
    Text marketing enables a business to connect to individual customers and send messages to a large group at a low cost. It can be used to send customers links to website updates, sales alerts, delivery reminders, etc.


Understanding Digital Marketing (Online Marketing)

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that takes place on some form of screen medium. It can be a computer, smartphone, tablets etc. Digital marketing involves digital graphics that attract the customer to click, tap or visit a particular brand’s website. The growing acceptance of this form of marketing has led to the creation of a promising career – digital marketers. While it doesn’t require a specific degree, enrolling in rated best digital marketing training programs and getting certified certainly increases the credibility of the candidate and can land him/her a lucrative job in the market.


Different Types of Digital Marketing 

Following are the different types of digital marketing:-


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    SEO is the process of generating traffic from organic or editorial search results on search engines. It can optimize a website, boosting its chances of ranking well for relevant keyword searches.


  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
    PPC is a process of acquiring website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. Through this campaign, site owners are able to target their potential customers.


  • Content Marketing
    Content marketing focuses on creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract as well as retain the audience on the website. It is a consistent process of communicating with customers without necessarily selling.


  • Email Marketing
    It is a simple, cost-effective and scalable way of reaching out to potential customers. It includes e-newsletters, promotional emails, event emails, etc. to generate new leads or offer updates for existing customers.

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