As we say goodbye to the year that’s gone by, the education sector prepares for the year in advance. There have been a lot of advances in the field of technology in this past year and the education world is looking to take cue from the corporate world and incorporate these technology trends in their pedagogy. Academics across the globe are looking to enhance the learning experience of students by making their pedagogy styles more engaging through the use of technology. Below are a few trends to look for in 2020:


  1. Augmented reality: There has been an increasing focus on augmented reality over the past year with Google apps for classrooms as well use of Chromebooks leading the way. These have been added to advanced and state-of-the-art classrooms more as a necessary requirement than a luxury addition. The trend has been more popular ever since the success of Pokemon Go. With the help of AR layering on printed materials, teachers are able to increase the level of understanding among students. AR makes study more interactive and inspirational for students and increases their curiosity and desire to learn.
  2. Use of cloud technology: Having made inroads in schools already, cloud computing is a trend that will proliferate further in schools in 2018. With the ability to save files and documents on the cloud, students will have less to worry about with regard to owning flash drives or losing important documents. Also, cloud technology offers educators to keep all the data in one centralized location without any increase in expenses.
  3. STEM education: Another trend to look out for in 2020 will be an increase in STEM education, i.e. building a curriculum that educates students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In this approach, students learn these subjects in an integrated application-based format instead of as separate subjects. This cohesive approach prepares students from the very start for careers in STEM-related fields. Initially started by the Obama administration in the U.S. through the “Educate to Innovate” program in 2009, the idea has spread through the world and is catching on like a bug. An addition to the STEM education is the integration of arts and creativity to the mix and it will be seen as an interesting trend in 2018.
  4. Technology as a bully-monitor: Technology is an enabler for good things and bad. Students have been observed to use technology to bully their peers online. Now, with the use of advanced monitoring technology, students online activities would be kept in check to prevent objectionable behavior of students online. Several other monitoring technologies will be used by teachers to keep a check on student devices. Though potentially intrusive, it will prevent bully behavior.
  5. Mobile learning: An interesting trend for 2018 would be mobile learning. Most students own a mobile device. By creating apps teachers can enhance the learning experience of students by providing greater engagement opportunity. A global trend of using tablet-based learning in classrooms may also be adopted during the coming year.


With the use of technology, teachers are equipped with better tools to enhance creativity in their classrooms. Also, with the increased use of edtech in schools, students can nurture their inherent skills or develop new skills at a younger age and thus, be more prepared once they move to colleges or the corporate sector.

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