Analysing data, understanding the patterns, breaking the competitor’s buyer cycle, strategizing and what not. It is quite a tough task for marketers, isn’t it?


Also, a successful marketer is expected to have deep insights on what could be the next big thing. In the midst of this, you should also keep a track on about the next campaigns that can go viral to help the client’s business.


To make the life of a young professional with data analytics certification easier, we are listing out a few market trends that have the potential to create the digital disruption that you are looking for.

Marketing And Sales Management

Data analysis before design


A designer’s job was to create a website or an application. It was over then. For many years it continued. The scenario is different now.


Data is slowly but steadily creeping into influencing the design. The designers should now understand the data, process it, analyse and then create a design template which will engage the online users.


Using heat maps, A/B testing, etc. is a must to understand the customer or reach out to the segmented ideal customers. The data backed designed templates will register better response over the others.


Responsive in multiple platforms

An application should have less friction when it is opened in multiple platforms. The user’s choice to browse through the internet varies just like their individual tastes. There are several mobile devices and then there are several web browsing platforms.


No matter which platform they are coming from. The applications and the websites that have less friction and have a seamless experience across the platforms continue to engage online users.


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The video viewership is continuously rising. The consumers for the video content will only increase in the future. The platform like Facebook and Google have made live streaming a feature in their portals understanding the value of video content.


No, it’s not completely true that video content will replace the written content.  Both continue to have their respective significance; it is, however, important to note that the video content is an important aspect of marketing strategies. Particularly when the cost of making videos is getting cheaper.



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