Entrepreneurship is the ability and vision to develop and manage a business. The goal of an entrepreneur is generally to run a profitable and sustainable business. Most entrepreneurs are considered as innovators and people who are willing to take a risk to turn their vision into a reality. There are no degrees required to start your own business. However, these days many business schools are offering entrepreneurship courses in India.


Many online education portals also have an entrepreneurship course for people who want to build their own companies. An entrepreneurship course will include the theories and practices required to build a business. Training in entrepreneurship can give you a fair understanding of the basics of running it. It will also teach you some skills necessary to either run a company or even to start a job with another employer. While the aim of these courses is to prepare entrepreneurs, it does groom them in general business management also. So that, even though a person might decide not to start his own venture after the course, he can still be a desirable candidate to potential employers.


Enrolling yourself in one of these courses would teach you how to make business plans, create presentations to raise funds for your business and be able to assess the opportunities and risks that you might face at work. As a student a lot of your time and effort will go in learning how to develop clear objectives for your enterprise. This will include knowing what kind of market you want to target, defining your target customers, analysing the competition in your desired field of business and assessing how you will fit in.


In the classroom you will also work with fellow class mates and learn about team management, generate ideas, pitch those ideas to potential investors and develop your strategic planning skills.


The method of teaching would usually be a combination of presentations, assignments and focused lectures. However, professors insist on applied learning and therefore students are encouraged to go for internships or join work immediately after the course, even if they aren’t ready to start their own start-up. Therefore, do not be surprised if you go for a course like this and are put on an internship or an experiential learning project. This is where you might be working for a company and learning the real side of things.


The experiential learning will prepare you for tough decisions that you might be making in the future. It might even help you manage your emotions better.


If you have a strong desire to be a successful entrepreneur, but you are not sure if you are ready for the real world then an entrepreneurship course might just be the answer.



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