When you start a business your first goal is to work on achieving the revenue growth that will help the company to break even and then scale up. With that in mind, many business owners are now realizing the impact that digital marketing has. It is unique in a way that it affects both ends of the spectrum – cost optimization and revenue generation. An online digital marketing course will help you know more about this. Here we will take a quick look at what every business owner must know at the basic level in digital marketing.


  1. Different channels have different purposes – Digital marketing has many channels within it, such as social media, mobile apps, websites and blogs, and so on. Each of those has a different purpose. While we can use all of them to share information such as new product launch or organizational changes, some of these such as the blogs are used for positioning the business as an expert. Others like social media are used to engage existing customers and source new clients. So each one has a purpose and the strategy should be designed to work with that.
  2. Some of it is paid and a lot of it is unpaid too – We do not have to spend large amounts of money for our digital media campaigns. Some of them require investments such as when an app is developed or a sponsored ad is being inserted. But largely it remains free or unpaid and hence a big boon for many small businesses that do not have the funds to launch a wide and large scale digital marketing strategy.
  3. Target audience is varied – While we want to ensure that all our marketing communication reaches our customers or potential clients, we need to be aware that the target audience that is reached through each intervention is different. The profile of those who access or consume information through various digital channels is diverse. Keeping that in mind, design your campaign or strategy to meet your business needs most effectively.
  4. Frequency has to be monitored – A lot of business owners make the mistake of over-bombarding the internet with information or updates, via digital media. Frequency of communication should be managed and tracked at each stage. We need to make sure that every campaign is measured on the number of times it connects with a customer. Small aspects like the number of e-mailers that are sent out to should be checked.


These are some basic aspects of digital marketing that all business owners should know. They need to be able to apply this for their nascent businesses.


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