General Management is the level of management on whom the onus rests for strategic vision and organizational administration. Commonly a General Manager(GM) is the seniormost executive in this category for general employees and directly reports to the executive leadership. The top executives in this category undergo general management courses to enhance their learning in inter-departmental coordination and gaining insights into the future of business sustainability.


Project Management is the application of methods, skills, processes, experience, and knowledge to achieve particular project objectives within the parameters of project acceptance criteria. Project management entails final deliverables that are restricted to a finite timescale and budget.


A Key Point of Differentiation Between Project Management and General Management


General Management is an undergoing process with no strict deadlines, unlike project management which has final deliverables and a finite timespan. General management executives show a propensity to undergo online general management certification courses to learn new facets of planning, communication, and decision making. On the other hand, project professionals should possess a varied range of skills, more often the technical one,s not to mention good business awareness and people management skills.


Differences Between General Management and Project Management


General Management:


  • It is a continuous process that includes overseeing the daily operations of the business.


  • To ensure the creation and enforcement of business growth strategies.


  • Secure the development of strategic programs to pursue targeted objectives.


  • It is dependent on resource availability and machine-related mechanisms. Online general management certification courses offer excellent learning opportunities to management executives to augment their knowledge repository on coordinating business decisions and ensuring good customer service.


  • The positions and roles of the General Manager as well as the team members are permanent or long-term.


Project Management


  • It has a clearly defined objective of achieving the goals set by the organization or the clients.


  • The project starts with a defined objective, moves along with dynamic business inputs, and has a definitive end.


  • Project Management is more human resource intensive. It means that skilled personnel with particular skill sets are required to complete the task at hand.


  • Project management strictly follows the projected oriented tasks and goals to achieve the outcome, rarely stretching out to other unrelated domains.


  • The functionality of Project management is non-repetitive and unique.


  • Project Management is a sophisticated work process that requires a diverse set of professionals with different skill sets to work under one umbrella to match up to the client’s expectations, thus serving the business goals of the organization.


  • The role of project manager and team members are temporary and they are assigned to other positions after the completion of the project.


Final Thoughts


Project management is highly planned and unique and at the same time is unpredictable. General Management has a predetermined set of procedures to carry out routine activities including managing daily operations through a set of resources and tools. General management courses help top executives to foster a creative culture that is open to digital connectivity and change.


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