247,708 The number of Indian Digital Marketing Professionals listed in LinkedIn, the world’s most popular Online Professional Network.

11,703 The number of current vacancies as per Naukri.com, India’s biggest job portal, for Digital Marketing in India.

In spite of such staggering numbers of talented professionals available, why do you think that a high growth sector like Digital Marketing in India has such a huge demand-supply gap?

The answer, of course, is at the very heart of what most digital marketing professionals face today – Increased competition in every job opportunity and even for growth in their careers in the same job.

How do you stand out from the crowd in a situation like this?


Well, how about the most sought after digital certification from the most prestigious marketing and digital communications Institution in India? A certification that is almost guaranteed to make future employers sit up and take notice of YOUR profile from the thousands of other applicants?


A limited number of aspiring Digital Marketing Managers have exactly that opportunity with the MICA Post Graduate Certification in Digital Marketing.

While most of the digital marketing courses out there provide you with the basic knowledge of marketing tools and technology only, the MICA Program is a holistic development course for professionals. This course is designed to learn the latest tools and technologies in digital marketing globally AND learning how to develop an effective overall digital marketing strategy for your company or clients.

One of the most sought after Digital Marketing Courses in the market today, this certification provides you with


  • The MICA name in your Digital marketing Profile. MICA is by far India’s Most Prestigious Marketing Communications and Advertising Institute. And it has been so for decades now.
  • Status of a MICA Alumnus – MICA Alumnus are industry leaders in India’s best and largest creative organizations. Not only that, they are among the top in almost every large company in India today- from Media Houses to corporate communications departments in industrial conglomerates. Now think about having the same alumni status that enables you to network with an elite group and what it can do for your career.
  • Valuable Learning on Every Aspect of Digital Marketing that only an institution like MICA can provide. Access the latest trends, technologies, learn Case Studies, and get trained in Digital Marketing the same way that students in top global colleges do.
  • Immediate Value to your Profile – Like it or not, recruiters are constantly searching for the best candidates across the internet. Make yourself stand out from the crowd with a globally prestigious name like MICA in your profile, and you’re sure to catch the attention of the best of them. It’s an opportunity to choose from the best employment offers in the market.
  • Interact with Real Industry Professionals- Along with the faculty, you will also attend lectured by leading industry professionals. Learn practical tactics and strategies on how businesses in different sectors are leveraging digital marketing channels for success.

Know More NOW! Just fill your details and get a call back from the MICA team. This is a limited time enrollment program, so make the most of this opportunity now to make the most of your career later!


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