According to Smart Insights, digital advertising, content creation, content strategy, and social media were some of the most in-demand skills for 2019 -20. And why not? Almost all businesses must include digital in their marketing activities. There’s no getting around that fact anymore. Whether you are contemplating starting a business or leading one, you need to have a basic understanding of digital marketing in order to convert customers.


Getting to know your customers better is the simplest, most effective technique to help your business grow. Given the wide range of data available and tools to study customers & their behaviour, Digital Marketing opens door to a whole range of avenues to reach large audiences.


The Executive Certificate Program in Advance Digital Marketing by IIM Raipur introduces participants to advance forms of online advertising and interactive marketing tools on the mobile web. The advance course is designed to provide an analytical and theoretical framework to understand the emerging digital marketing practices. Learn about digital advertising, creation of word-of-mouth customer service, new product design, branding and how these impact sales. The comprehensive and practical oriented syllabus covers the what, why and how of major current approaches, including online listening and monitoring, search engine optimization and social media participation.

The syllabus of an Advance Digital Marketing course includes:

  • Introduction to Advance Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Planning and Strategy
  • Website Optimization
  • Digital Advertising (PPC, Digital Display and YouTube)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • E-commerce Marketing


Some of the other key takeaways of this online digital marketing course are:

  • Grasp concepts better with practical learning through case studies, simulations & class exercises
  • Know about common mistakes in Digital Marketing and how not to make them
  • Detailed modules on Why-What-and-How of leveraging various Digital Marketing Channels
  • Authentic insights into the real digital world straight from industry experts
  • An IIM certification in Digital Marketing would look great on your resume


The demand today for digital marketers is greater than the supply, giving plenty of prospects for those looking to get into the domain. Spare no more time and enrol into an online certification course in Digital Marketing. Sign up for the Executive Certificate Program in Digital Marketing from IIM Raipur and build your career in this lucrative domain.

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