Advertising is one of the most widely used tools for marketing communication by businesses of all types and sizes for better brand visibility, promotion of brand image and higher sales. The industry is seen as one of the most glamorous and competitive ones there is, with big money involved. Accordingly, jobs in this industry are highly sought-after by freshers and experienced professionals alike.


A career in advertising…

The advertising field is vast with divisions such as radio, newspapers, journals and magazines, television, market research and so on. There are numerous job positions that are required in each of these fields starting from skilled copywriters, ad filmmakers, art directors, strategists, finance professionals, radio commercial writers, designers, researchers, media directors, accounts executives, etc. With the changing times, digital marketing has become a force to reckon with and it would be suicidal for businesses to ignore its power and reach when it comes to advertising and brand building. This is the reason why many there is an increasing number of people seeking the best digital marketing certificate programs.


How do you land an advertising job?

Identify your niche and interest: As we have seen earlier, advertising is a vast field with several different kinds of human resource and skill requirements. So, it is important to find your interests and niche. This is an important consideration and should be decided based on the career prospects and your professional objectives.


Education: The minimum educational qualification required is a bachelor’s degree if you want to land an advertising job. It is always better to be educated in advertising or allied fields and specifically in your area of interest/ niche. Even senior marketers and professionals in the advertising fields will benefit from education and certification. With the advent of the internet, it is possible to take the best digital marketing certificate programs, visual communication programs, etc. online, at one’s convenience.


Work Experience: Employers in this field prefer their prospective employees to have some prior work experience in the field. So, it would be wise to do internships and freelance work before applying for the job. This will also give you the opportunity to build a strong portfolio of your work if you are looking for creative positions. If you are looking for non-creative positions like finance, media coordination, etc. it is a prerequisite to have work experience.


Personal Attributes: Experts say the most important qualities you must have to get a job in the field are:

  • Perseverance
  • Passion (that you must be able to articulate)
  • Good communication
  • Analytical ability
  • Strategic thinking
  • Creative flair even while working in a non-creative job


Network: It is crucial to network, network and network by attending programs, workshops, seminars, special events, etc. It is important to know the right people so that you will be in the loop about opportunities and happenings in the field.

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