Well, it’s not easy to strike a conversation asking for a promotion at work. Nobody likes to ask for it. But we want it, and feel that we deserve it too.

So, what’s the way out? Make your actions speak. Let it get recognised by the management. That’s how you can get promoted without asking for it.

Obviously, when you’re good at what you do, your employer will be enthused to give you more responsibilities. So, for increasing your chances of a promotion, put in your best effort in the current job role.

Listed below are some extra tips to help you out in getting promotions without asking.


Be super-productive

Your boss will definitely like you when you do things before being asked to. So, be super-productive in your work. Try not to get distracted from your work. And, postponing it till the last moment is never going to help you.

Prioritise your work and finish it as per priority before someone else has to chase you to do it.


Add value to the work

People hardly think of adding value to the projects assigned to them. It is critical if you want to scale up and fulfil your dreams.

Do not consider the assigned work as just a duty. Approach it with passion and excitement. Try to think from different angles. And add value to the project so that it is completed well. Hopefully, you’ll get noticed for your contribution.


Treat your team well

Treat your colleagues well. You’ll be respected in the organisation. Never aim to show someone down or get critical on personal biases. Be cordial to the other employees in the organisation.

Lend a helping hand when there is a need. Be supportive of junior employees. Negotiate and build a great team that is efficient and punctual in work.


Focus on self-improvement

Improve your skills so that your company, as well as your career, get benefitted. With plenty of online courses and resources, it’s no longer a tough task to learn a new skill. All you need is to take time from your schedules and dedicate it to improve your skill sets.

Enrol for an online certification course or PG diploma course that is relevant to your job role.

Show your boss that you’re ready for taking up more responsibilities through your actions. Good luck with your career!

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