Moving up the ladder is great – bigger salary, attractive perks, greater ownership and respect. But with it comes a tighter responsibility and accountability which often times many people do not realize. Everybody wants to become a manager, but when they do, they have to get ready to face the flak. Here are some of the hard truths that you might face as you move up the ladder and how to handle them like a pro:


  1. Promotion means more work

As you move up the ladder, you are happy that you finally get noticed and other things like salary move up too. But along with it other things also go up, like your daily tasks, the number of meetings, blood pressure, weight and more. Your days tend to become longer, and you have to get more work done.

So, how do you tackle it all? The important thing is time management and effective leadership. You just cannot wish away the extra work but will have to find the right means to decide how you will tackle it. Hone your skills with executive leadership programs and be ready to take on your new role.


  1. Watch what you say

Next thing is that you gain greater visibility as you move up the ladder. This means what you say and what you do is scrutinized to a greater extent and you have the added responsibility to put more weight on your words and action.

Your communication skills must be on point and you should not come across as being snobby or negative especially when you are managing a team. Be aware of what you are saying and don’t be carefree like it is a water break talk with co-workers from your olden days.


  1. What Next?

As you get to the top of the ladder, you will be wondering what your next career move is? Your next step can seem to get less obvious as you hit the glass ceiling. Then, you will start to wonder whether you are really content at this point and whether you can compete for other jobs.

Be clear as to where you want to go with your career so that you can define your own path and not feel like you are stuck. With all the adjustments and challenges that come with moving up the ladder, set objectives for yourselves so that it is clear what you want to do next.


There is no sure-fire outline of what you can expect when you move up in your career. Challenges will come and go, and these three things will help you take on your new direction. Equip yourselves with the best business management courses to help you cope with your new role.


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