What is Strategic Leadership?

Strategic leadership is a management style to build a vision for the company that allows the leaders to plan, lead and make the best out of every situation whether it’s a change in economic or technological conditions. Strategic leaders have the potential to use their vision to influence employees and to implement the required changes. Strategic management certification online will help you attain insight into different essential aspects of leadership.

Strategic Management courses online


The basic aim of strategic leadership is to promote productive and independent ideas to fulfill the organization’s demands. Strategic leaders may utilize reward or incentive programs to motivate personnel and assist them in achieving their objectives with quality work.


In order to be strategic, leaders must first comprehend their organization’s mission. This requires a thorough understanding of the organization, consumers, objectivity, and potential to look at the broader picture and how it can best serve them.


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Then, strategic leaders must develop a vision of how that mission will work in the near future.


Finally, leaders create a strategy to carry out their goals. The strategy should lay out the processes or modifications that a corporation must make to get from its current state to its intended state in the given period.


To understand the importance and master the skill of strategic leadership, professionals require in-depth knowledge and practical implementations about the strategic leadership responsibilities which can be learned by earning a certificate in strategic management and leadership from a credible institution.


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All the changes in trends and responsibilities are kept in mind while creating strategic leadership courses online. It’s become critical for professionals to comprehend the changes and how they affect traditional leadership tools and approaches.


Key Features of Strategic Leadership


Strategic leadership is learned, it doesn’t come naturally. Gain knowledge about all the characteristics you want to embody with strategic management courses online to help you become a better leader.

The main features/characteristics of effective strategic leaders that help improve your performance to be an effective leader are as follows:


  • Communication Skills

One of the most essential attributes of a strategic leader is the ability to communicate effectively. Strategic leaders should be able to share their vision effectively with the team members and other higher authorities. To achieve your goals successfully, your team must be aligned and on board with your strategic objectives. Also, establishing mutual trust and understating is important for both leader and his team to enrich the work culture.


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  • Strategic Thinking

Strategic leadership necessitates that we think, behave, and influence people in ways that support the organization’s long-term success. First and foremost, strategic thinking is based on a thorough awareness of the organization’s complicated connection with its surroundings.


  • Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is essential for determining where your company is heading and how it will get there. Leaders create a strategic vision and mission, establish goals and objectives, write strategies, implement them and assess their effectiveness. Leadership strategies will help you boost your team’s productivity. A certificate in strategic management and leadership can help you learn how to do strategic planning for achieving broader goals and objectives.


  • Trust & Reliability

Effective leaders exhibit their loyalty to the mission by their words and actions. Your team will respect you if you are open about your accomplishments, shortcomings, and reasons for choosing one strategy or goal over another.


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  • Motivation

Strategic leaders must have a passion for their work that transcends money and power, as well as an eagerness to attain objectives. They should motivate their team by praising their efforts and accomplishments and match the needs of the individuals with organizational needs.


  • Integrity

Strategic leadership requires a strong foundation of integrity and compassion. Strategic leaders must promote empathy and compassion to build a good connection with their team members.


  • Awareness

Efficient leaders keep themselves informed about what is going on in their organizations. They keep their sources of information for making better decisions.


  • Setting up Goals & Expectations

As a leader, it is your responsibility to ensure that the goals and expectations from the individual employees are aligned with the organization’s needs and requirements. Strategic leaders must develop a goal-setting framework to analyze the goals and outcomes of all the employees. Show them the big picture and make them feel like they are not only working towards an individual goal but also towards a common objective for the organization.


  • Delegation

Effective leaders possess the skill of delegation. They understand that delegating responsibilities will prevent them from being overburdened with tasks. They also know how to empower their subordinates to make decisions on their behalf.


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  • Optimistic Approach

As a strategic leader, you will aim to keep everyday activities as smooth as possible. On the other hand, your true abilities will be put to the test when there are unfavorable situations or barriers. A good leader is optimistic in the face of adversity and focuses on the positive aspects of every situation. As a result, the entire approach becomes relaxing, making it easier to look out for the solution and keep the team motivated irrespective of the circumstances.

To summarise, effective and efficient leadership requires strong communication, passion, honesty, compassion, positivity, empathy, and integrity. You are already a better leader and can help your team achieve success by taking the steps to exemplify these attributes.

A good leader is able to guide his team successfully to get the tasks done effectively and efficiently. To sharpen these skills, enroll yourself in a certificate in strategic management and leadership.


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Strategic Leadership Courses Online

It is crucial to understand that leaders at all levels of management are responsible for developing and implementing organizational strategies. The ability to effectively manage and lead a firm in today’s highly competitive market is required to achieve the goals successfully. A comprehensive strategic leadership training is required for the business executives to develop an effective organizational strategy.


We, at Talentedge, offer some of the best strategy and leadership online courses in association with premier institutions not only in India but also abroad for you to master the skills required for strategic leadership.


Given below are the associated institutes for Talentedge strategic management certification online:

A vast variety of strategic leadership courses are available in the given institutions. We have bifurcated the courses as per the availability in the institutions to make it simpler for you to decide which course suits you best. Please refer to the table below for more details of the Certificate in Strategic Management and leadership:


Institutes Available Courses Offered
eCornell Executive Leadership

Technology Leadership

IIM Lucknow Leadership in Digital Era
XLRI Jamshedpur Leadership & Change Management
UCLA Extension Executive Leadership in VUCA World
XLRI Jamshedpur Strategic Management


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Know detailed information of the above-mentioned institutes and courses along with the strategic management certification syllabus and other important aspects like institute fees.


Skills Required for Strategic Leadership


Becoming a strategic leader is a lot more than being an executive. It isn’t difficult to incorporate more strategic thinking into your work, but it does necessitate dedication. Leaders with effective strategic abilities exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Strategic leaders take the initiative rather than waiting for things to happen, this means that they are proactive and not reactive.
  • Strategic leaders strive to improve their team and prepare them to overcome the shortcomings for better future growth.
  • Strategic leaders understand that they are not able to do everything on their own so instead of wasting their time on irrelevant things, they concentrate on doing the right things.

Strategic leaders are expected to be both personal as well as far-sighted when it comes to growing their business and revenue for the organization. Given below are some of the efficient five skills that are absolutely essential for strategic leaders to be successful:


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  • Future-Oriented

One of the pillars of strategic thinking is to create a vision of the future. Strategic leaders don’t have a vision until it’s shared with their team. They create a vision that is so clear and aligned with the organization’s mission and goals that it could be communicated in 30 seconds or less.

  • Make a strategy and action plan for moving forward achieving the goals
  • Engage your team members and persuade them to follow your lead


  • Planning

Strategic planning can be your to-do list of everyday tasks as well as a guide to evaluate progress and improve strategies as you move forward achieving the goals. Here are few benefits of strategic planning in clarifying how you are going to achieve the required goals:

  • It assists you in determining the required resources for the completion of the given task
  • A strategy will help you communicate effectively with those who need to be involved to complete the task
  • You will seem more prepared, professional, and considerate if you plan ahead. This will make you appear to be a trustworthy leader.


  • Prioritization

Effective leaders are focused on doing the important tasks first instead of doing everything at the same time. They are determined to spend their time efficiently and focus on what is more important by prioritizing. It ensures that you are not wasting your time on insignificant tasks that may be delegated.


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An effective strategic leader understands that what they are doing is critical for the organization’s growth, and they can delegate the lesser important tasks.


  • Building Relationships

Building relationships is one of the most important strategic skills to focus on. An efficient leader uses these connections to accomplish team objectives and create a vision for future goals. This ability can be a valuable component of team building and helps leaders to make significant changes. The most important advantage of developing relationships is that it keeps you connected. If you have strong relationships at work, you are more likely to hear about the key events and opportunities that can work in your favor in order to achieve the required goals.


  • Influencing

The basis of leadership is the capacity of the leader to change the mindset…of another person. – Warren Bennis

Influencing is a crucial leadership quality that allows you to impact an individual or the whole members of the organization. Strategic leaders may utilize their influencing power to make strategic decisions, and bring out the required changes in the organization. An influential leader will carry out the vital tasks effectively.


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Budding leaders who are relatively new to their roles can work on honing their skill sets, theoretical and practical knowledge about their careers by enrolling for Talentedge strategic management certification online.


How to become an effective leader?


Effective leaders, like Sheryl Sandberg, have the ability to impact people and keep their organizational employees encouraged and motivated.


Visionary leaders encourage innovation by motivating their staff to achieve their highest level of performance. Creating a shared goal to unite the team and identifying each individual’s particular abilities are the most common ways to achieve this.


Even though great leaders can have a substantial impact on an organization’s culture and earnings, 71 percent of the firms believe that their executives would be unprepared to lead their organization if given the chance. Many leaders keep changing their strategies as per the circumstances in order to become more effective.


We believe that with adequate education and training, you can master any skill you want. A variety of strategic leadership courses online are available to help you justify your promotion to your manager and add value to the organization.


The above article shows how acquiring certain skills can help you become a strategic leader and be ahead of others on the path of your career.


Today, there are a variety of strategic management certification online courses from recognized and reputed institutes such as IIM, eCornell, XLRI. These courses are designed to boost your leadership thinking potential, to enhance the ability to think strategically to influence others and achieve organizational goals.



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