What is the single biggest differentiator that makes one product succeed while it makes the other one fail? It is the brand that makes one service shine over and above the other. That is the reason why companies spend a lot of time and effort in creating and developing a brand, one that has a presence and also makes it unique. Online entrepreneurship certification courses cover the aspects related to brands and how to build them, in detail. Let us take a quick look here on what steps are essential to create your own brand on digital platforms.


  1. Know your uniqueness – Your brand has a certain uniqueness to it. It is important for you to know that and make sure that you use it in your approach. The foundation of the brand is based on what makes it different. Creating the brand for your own service or product can often mean an extension of yourself as a person. That is also what makes sure that it remains different from all the rest, in the same market place.
  2. Remember to keep the messaging consistent – Your brand’s positioning becomes stronger and its recall sharper with every message that goes out. So remember to keep the messaging consistent. For example, if your brand is centred on quality and innovation, every marketing or branding piece should have some element of that within it. That consistency is what creates the brand in the minds of the consumers and an association with it.
  3. Use all forms of marketing and communication – In this age of digital media, making use of all channels of marketing and communication is important. You have to work on the premise that each channel will help you reach some segment of your target audience/end-user. Knowing about them, what link they have to brand and how can they be used for strengthening the proposition, is critical for success.
  4. Have relevant and strong stories to tell – We remember the brands that have stories around them. Especially if the stories are relevant to the brand and extremely strong ones. So spending time and effort on discovering the stories that are aligned to your brand, and how they can be a part of the overall brand creation exercise, is important. It is also critical to know which stories to prioritize, how to tell them and what to convey through them. These seem simple, but these are the aspects that make a brand impactful.


There are many more ways to create one’s own brand and sustain its leadership. These are a few guidelines to start with.


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