Like it or hate it, even the most passionate skeptics have realized that Social media is here to stay. The only way to compete is to join the bandwagon and learn to sell socially. Social selling aka the Future has laid the bricks to a castle of benefits including improved reach, deeper customer insights, and brand authority.

Digital marketing online has given rise to a whole host of social media and apps. But before you to start selling socially, you have to build a social media empire. How do you do that? Let’s take a look:


Focus on the Right Channel

Gone are those days when marketing was done solely through print media. Say hello to the concept of social selling.  It means that in order to build a social media empire, you ought to use the right social media channel at your disposal.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. – If you can use one or two of these effectively, you are sure to build a successful social media empire. It is better to choose 1 or 2 social media channels that your audience is on most and get really good at them than jumping onto all of the channels. After you establish yourself, you can expand to other channels.


Content is King

It’s all about engaging your customers. You want people to take note of you and look at your content instead of the other guys. And, to do this you have to stand out and create high-quality content that grabs the attention.

When you post to Instagram, think engrossing pictures, when you post to Facebook, think interesting for more shares, when you post to Twitter, think witty. Quality of the media matters more than the volume, so never ever forget this.


Reach, Don’t Preach

The whole concept behind social selling is to build trust and create the right brand management strategy. Sales will automatically happen once you build a relationship with the customer. Think! Where are your future customers? Produce the right content for them. Distribute it to relevant social media channels when the target group is active.

Your brand needs to provide value to your customers and if they are ready to buy your products or services, make it as easy as possible by giving them an opportunity to buy with a simple click.


Stay Relevant

The only thing constant in life is Change and this holds true to social media as well. As new channels rise and fall and trends keep evolving, the businesses that will win will be the ones that can adapt quickly. There is no doubt about it, so ensure that you design content intelligently and focus relentlessly.

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