You join an organization with a lot of expectations and dreams. As you start fitting into it and its culture, you realize that there comes a time when you need to scale up and move up the ladder. This is a crucial juncture in any career. Your focus when it comes to career management should be understanding what are the steps or guidelines that will work in your organization’s context.

Here are some general tips to help you move up at work.

Focus on performance – This seems like a natural aspect, but very often many people forget that their performance is the most powerful tool to scale the corporate ladder. Being able to excel in any role that comes your way, is what sets you apart.


Focus on teamwork – Again, a key aspect of a person’s role is being able to work well with a team. Make sure to spend time engaging with your team members and building a relationship of support and trust.


Focus on mentoring – When there are new team members joining the team you need to be proactive and reach out to them. Try and put them at ease, be helpful and mentor them informally. These are qualities of a good and future leader, and they also position you as a coach.


Focus on learning – No matter where you reach in your organization’s hierarchy you should make it a habit to learn. There are many new aspects that are relevant to your role and the world in general, as it changes each day. Keep up the learning desire and remain upskilled at all points in time.


Focus on knowing other teams – Sometimes we end up working in a silos in our own functions only. Knowing other teams, geographic and functional is a good way to build rapport and relationships. This cuts across the general lines within and organization and shows that you do not want to operate alone, but as one single entity.


Focus on connecting with leaders – This is usually tough since you might not have direct access to the leaders always. But be aware of opportunities that come up and remember to connect with them. Be a part of the initiatives or even share your thoughts in leadership-led open houses when they are conducted.


These are some crucial ways in which you can move up the ladder at work effortlessly. Try and imbibe them into your daily functioning.

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