Did you know?

  • More than 4,100 startups were registered in India in 2014 alone
  • 2015 was the biggest year for Indian startups with capital worth $9 billion being invested in them
  • The government’s startup India standup India campaign has been one of the most successful government trade and commerce-related programs in recent memory.


If you have ever dreamt of quitting that day job to make actual progress on that dream idea, or if you want to take your family business to a global level and compete with the best players in the world, there has never been a better time. Entrepreneurship in India today is a phenomenon that is absolutely unstoppable and this is definitely the time to go out and achieve what you have always wanted.

All is not easy though, for space is crowded and the competition, intense. With most of the new entrepreneurs coming from top-notch business schools like IIMs and engineering institutes like IITs and NITs, how does your profile stack up against theirs? And what can you do about it?

Fortunately, getting back in the game is not that difficult anymore.

You see, entrepreneurship is all about building a bright idea into a successful business and now you have an entrepreneurship program that is backed by an IIM certificate.

The Executive Professional Development Program in Entrepreneurship from IIM Rohtak puts you on the same level with the best and the brightest in the Indian startup scene. With this program, you get all you need to know about starting your own venture. You will learn everything to start your own venture successfully, including:


  • Opportunity Identification and Positioning as an Entrepreneur
  • Starting Your Own Business
  • Building & Presenting a Business Plan
  • Funding & Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Talent Acquisition and Management
  • Growing the Business
  • Practical Insights into Challenges
  • Mentoring sessions with Experts
  • Mentoring Session with members of the Investor Community (For Participants with Business Plans).


But the biggest highlight of this program is that it gives you a real-life opportunity unlike any other. Upon completion of the program, you can present your case to a panel of international investors and win funding for your venture.

In fact, this is the only program that gives you a real-world opportunity to win funding from international venture capitalists and kick-start your venture right at the completion of the program.

So don’t waste a moment and unlock the potential of your dreams right now! Enrol for the Executive Professional Development Program In Entrepreneurship and get the dual benefit of having an IIM Certificate as well as a global investor presentation in your career graph.


Tools to make your entrepreneurial life easier

‘Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t. So that you can spend the rest of your lives like most people can’t.’

Not sure about the author of the quote. But the message is profound and clear. Entrepreneurship is no easy task. Building a business from scratch and taking it to heights requires a lot of effort and passion. And, of course, finance to get it going.

To make life easier for an entrepreneur, there are many tools available. Here goes a handpicked list of tools to improve your work efficiency. Read on.

Google Drive

It started in 2012. And since then, it is one of the top tools used by entrepreneurs and small business owners. Mainly for real-time collaborations.

The tool is useful for storing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, audio and video files in the cloud. It offers 15 GB free storage, and you can upgrade if you need more space. It can be combined with other Google tools for better efficiency.


This is a free project management tool. It is best used for organizing a project. You can use it to get a larger view of the status of the projects. It helps you in staying organized. Hence, improves your work efficiency.


It’s one of the most used tools by entrepreneurs for storing and sharing data in the cloud. You can access your data anywhere and anytime you want it. Also, you can share it with relevant people. A list of plugins adds to the popularity of Dropbox.


To ‘track your team’s work and manage projects,’ Asana is a handy tool for entrepreneurs. A widely used project management solution, it is much recommended under tools that improve the productivity of your team. It offers features to set reminders to efficiently track the progress of each of the projects. You can ensure the activities are moving within the prescribed schedule. You can get the basic version for free. But it can be upgraded to premier version to enjoy improved features and functionalities.


This is an amazing tool that helps you save your documents on the cloud and share with your teammates. It can be synced across multiple devices and accessed anytime.

99 Designs

For your designing requirements, this might be a useful platform. You can find designers for designing your logo, brochures, and other marketing collaterals. You can choose among the designers who have expertise in the field and can work within your budget.


If you want to create your own designs, then Canva is the right tool. It is an online graphic designing tool that helps you create a logo, social media banners etc. easily.


This tool helps you send newsletters easily. You can build your email list with MailChimp prior to sending newsletters. The free version allows you to send 12,000 mails to 2000 subscribers. You can create and send campaigns, manage subscriptions, etc. using this tool.


Say no to grammatical while you frame mails and official documents. Grammarly is a tool that edits content and makes it free from spelling and grammatical errors. You can opt for a paid version that comes with multiple features.

Google Analytics

For measuring your website’s performance, this analytics tool is highly recommended in an entrepreneur’s kitty. You can track the bounce and retention rate of your website, know customer behaviour, the peak time of visitors etc. You can also set up custom goals.

Survey Monkey

Customer is the king. To know about your customers, you need to ask them questions. And that’s why surveys are important. For quick surveys, Survey Monkey is a great tool. You can take advantage of a set of amazing features and carry out decent surveys.


For easier and effective communication, you need the right tools. And one among it is Slack. This tool lets you communicate easily, be it one-to-one communication or group discussions. It has a handful of amazing features in its paid version to make communication easier for the entrepreneur. The free version meets the requirements of a small business owner.


Moz is a great tool for your online marketing requirements. You can get an overall idea of your website’s performance using this tool. It has got an amazing catalogue of SEO tools as well. It is pretty easy to understand and even someone who is a beginner with an online digital marketing certification course can use it efficiently.

So, there is no dearth of tools to make your entrepreneurial journey easier and successful. All you need is to give life to your business idea. Wish you good luck!


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