10 years ago, if someone told you that Digital Marketing is going to be the next-big-thing, like the IT boom — you probably wouldn’t believe it. And yet, here we are in 2019 – heavily dependent on Digital Markets for our everyday errands.


But you know what? It’s not surprising. India today is the second largest online market in the world, behind China, with over 348 million internet users. Internet penetration is rapidly growing and we are forecasted to reach an internet user base of 555.3 million. The trend has been that Indians are turning to mobile internet and the growth forecast of the internet user base proves the huge potential for trade & commerce.


Businesses are increasingly taking their marketing online, and why not? Digital Marketing makes perfect sense:

  • You can define who your target audience is and measure the impact of your marketing initiatives on them
  • You can calculate the ROI for each, ad, banner or campaign
  • It is convenient and flexible – if something doesn’t work, you can change the strategy almost immediately
  • It is extremely cost effective!


With the number of start-ups and small businesses cropping up, the need for digital marketing professionals is growing. Companies are looking for candidates with a good understanding of the emerging practices in the world of Digital Marketing.


In a competitive world like ours, it pays to have the backing of a renowned institute in professional education. The Digital Marketing Course from IIM Raipur is the right choice if you are looking to get into Digital Marketing.


Taught by some of the brightest minds in the country, this course prepares you for a fruitful career in Digital Marketing. Here are some of the benefits of this course:


  • Develop hands-on skills with the help of case studies, simulations and class exercises and apply them to real-life, practical scenarios
  • Gain deeper understanding of the Why, What and How of leveraging various Digital Marketing Channels
  • Learn about the common errors people make in Digital Marketing for their Business and how to avoid them
  • Master the strategic use of digital marketing as a measurable, actionable and effective marketing program
  • Earn a certificate from IIM Raipur upon successful course completion


Marketing is an important function in any business and so, in the coming years, the growth of Digital Marketing will not become stagnant. Join the digital era of marketing today with Executive Certificate Program in Digital Marketing from IIM Raipur and steer your career towards success.

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