In this new era, sales and marketing teams have to operate within the interests of the customers. To be successful, these teams must focus on their strategies and actions keeping in mind the buyers’ problems and opportunities.

In any organization, the sales and marketing departments play a pivotal role in the success of the business. The unique and important role of sales and marketing is proving to bridge the gap between potential customer needs and the products and services that the organization has to offer.

An added advantage that sales and marketing teams can exploit while working together is the exchange of information and ideas between the teams can help improve results and create a seamless experience for prospective buyers.


Defining Sales and Marketing

Sales include the activities and operations involved in the promotion and selling of goods and services.

Marketing includes the process of promoting, selling and distributing a product or service.


These statements help us understand 2 very important aspects of the relationship between sales and marketing:-

  • Both the groups and their responsibilities are closely linked
  • Marketing plays a vital role in supporting sales


Key Responsibilities of Sales and Marketing

Even though both the functions are grouped separately, their functions overlap each other. Businesses that understand the critical areas where these functions overlap can immensely benefit from the combined efforts of both the teams.


Responsibilities of Sales


  • Follow-up

A key responsibility of sales includes follow up. This means following up with the leads generated by the marketing department.


  • Relationship Building

Nowadays modern sales focus on relationship-building between the buyer and the seller. An effective salesperson can understand the needs of the buyer and develop a rapport delivering a persuasive (not too pushy) message differentiating the company’s product from its competitors.


  • Closing & Retention

A salesperson is responsible for turning leads into customers and is judged on his or her ability to close the deal. Also, by checking in with an existing client, a sales team member demonstrates that he or she has a long-term interest in the client’s success and is not just a one-time sale.


Responsibilities of Marketing


  • Awareness

Brand awareness is one of the key responsibilities of a marketer. An effort to build awareness of the brand and its product and service is the first step in the process.


  • Engagement

Engagement efforts help build an initial awareness campaign to deepen a consumer’s connection to the company or the product.


  • Conversion & Retention

Conversion is a critical transition of a potential customer to a known lead. For marketers, conversion marks as the completion of the web form which starts from the instigation of a chat to a customer service line. Retention, on the other hand, helps a business grow its repeat customers. This function of marketing helps maintain awareness and engagement after a sale.


Take Away


For Sales: All these skill sets can be achieved with the guidance of sales training online or a university degree. A certification or qualification marks you as a professional who is able enough to handle such responsibilities. A sales training online or a professional course gives you an added advantage while being considered for a job.

For Marketing: Marketing courses online help you achieve the desired skill set you need to get a better understanding of the field. These courses help you to get into the customers’ mindset and understand the connection he/she might have with your products or services and how you can make it better as to turn them into leads.


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