You have been hired in an organization that you have been longing to become a part of. The role is also what you are trained to do and have the experience, as well as knowledge in. And then the technological disruption, demographic changes, workforce volatility hits your work, and external environment. How does that translate for you? In simple terms, it means that there are many more people now who can do what you do, and much more. Also, there is an upward trend in terms of removing redundant workforce and introducing the new skilled talent. The Change management courses online will tell you about how this is a crucial change in the economic landscape globally.

If you want to ride this wave of change and continue to remain employed, what you need is to acquire employability skills.  These are skills which apply to all roles in general or even those which are upcoming ones for some roles. Knowing which ones are is very important. So do your research well and find about them. Let us see why they are so important.


  1. Keeps you relevant in an ever-changing job market – Given the way in which the market changes every day and talent requirements are uncertain, having a set of employable skills is always a good idea. They help you avoid redundancy and keep you relevant, and allow organizations to continue looking at you as prospective talent.
  2. Widens your scope – As you lean employable skills, you are in a position to look beyond your current organization or even an industry segment. You can choose to apply to various other organizations and segments, depending on what you aspire for or need to apply for. Some segments might be doing well and others might be phasing out. So if you belong to the latter and want to shift to a sunrise sector, you need to have these skills.
  3. It allows you to transition smoothly – when you are in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world such as our present scenario, at times your role might suddenly become non-relevant. But a set of employability skills will not only keep you in circulation, but it will also ensure that should you need to switch into a different kind of role, your transition will be easier.


These are some key reasons as to why having employability skills gives you an edge and advantage over others. Spending time and effort in finding out about such skills, and then acquiring them, is the right way to go. It helps you to be better prepared to handle the future business world.


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