Ever wondered what is expected out of you more than delivering on your goals to move up in the corporate world? Do you really know about the things you could do and steps you could take to make your team look up to you? How you can gain respect and be a role model across the organisation?


There are only a few natural-born leaders. Most people take it upon themselves to become effective leaders. Whether that is from others’ wisdom or personal experience, becoming a leader is about what you do, not what you know.


Leaders like Sundar Pichai, Indira Nooyi, Satya Nadella took these challenges in their stride and became global leaders of Indian origin. There’s something to learn from each of them.


Business Vision from Sundar Pichai: What differentiates Google’s CEO from the rest is his business sense and ability to articulate direction better than everyone else. No wonder he is second-in-command to Larry Page. Looking at both micro and macro goals regularly and planning ahead are what make successful leaders.


Communication from Indra Nooyi: Indra Nooyi, CEO – Pepsico, firmly believes that competence, courage, confidence and a strong moral compass are all useless without strong communication skills. Being innovative does not matter if one cannot clearly discuss it. Communication is so important to her, that Indra maintains a blog where she talks to her employees via posts.


Innovation from Satya Nadella: Nadella believes that “recognizing innovation and fostering its growth” should be the top priority. It is not going to happen because of organizational chart or boundaries. The 49-year-old Microsoft CEO thinks that people need to own an innovation agenda for the growth of the organization.


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