Data science is an exhilarating, fast-moving field to become involved in. There is no shortage of demand for talented, young, analytically-minded resources. Companies of all sizes are hiring data scientists who have pursued data science online programs. And the role provides real value across a wide spectrum of industries and applications. But, apart from a data science online program, what do you need to become an expert data scientist?

Here’s an overview of technical and non-technical skills any aspiring data scientist needs to master.


Non-Technical Skills


  • Ability to Solve Business Problems

While expertise in programming languages can be gained by undertaking data science online programs, business communication is also vital. This doesn’t mean much without an awareness of business problems faced by the organization and how to solve them. This begins with the ability to translate business challenges into a data-driven problem that can be solved as a part of any given project.


  • Effective Business Communication

For all the brilliance of a data scientist in algorithms and modeling, all these would be for naught if you are unable to communicate the results. Aside from an understanding of data visualization tools, you also need the ability to communicate significant data findings.


  • Agility

Agile is a state-of-the-art method of organization work. More and more aspirants are making their way into learning how to make improvements in an existing codebase. To stay ahead of the competition, you can consider taking a data science online program that can help you inherit both technical as well as non-technical skills.


Technical Skills


  • Preparing for Production

To improve your employability quotient, you need to know how to work with more developed production systems. At the same time, advanced types of models now require more and more compute and storage resources, especially when working with deep learning.


  • Cloud

Apparently, the cloud is the king for data science as well as machine learning in 2020. Moving to compute and storage resources have become a necessity for businesses to set up a machine learning environment that can be accessed remotely. This requires data scientists to have a basic understanding of cloud infrastructure, all of which can be gained by pursuing a data science course from XLRI.


  • Deep Learning

Deep learning, another essential skill you need to master in order to become an expert data scientist. As we enter 2020, the use cases for image classification and NLP are getting more and more complicated. This urges aspirants to consider mastering the art of deep learning algorithms along with routine machine learning algorithms like XGBoost.


Bonus! Learn Constantly


The main skill required in such a fast-moving discipline is learning how to learn and re-learn. No doubt new frameworks and fancy tools can help you master the field of data science, but if you stop the learning curve, you’ll be on a stagnant path. To keep the learning curve going, a data science course from XLRI is recommended. This course not only helps you understand the basics of data science but also helps you stay ahead of the latest trends and tools being used in this domain.


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