It’s all about the customer.

Businesses today, small or big – increasingly are becoming customer centric. And why not? Over the last decade, customers have gotten savvy. They expect personalized interactions with brands and their products. Great experiences help customers build a strong relationship with the brand, come back to it again & again, eventually retain them and get newer prospects on board.

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How do marketing analytics help make decisions?

Superior experiences have a positive impact. Marketing Analytics helps businesses deliver these superior experiences. Collecting real-time data about your customers’ preferences helps you understand them better and optimise your brand’s interactions with them. With predictive modeling, data visualization, information management, and more, Marketing Analytics can help your business create personalized interactions, make right offers at the right time, and tailor experiences that are sure to retain the current customers as well as convert prospects.


The Executive Certificate Program in Marketing Analytics & Customer Valuation from IIM Kashipur is designed to build analytical talent in the marketplace. This marketing analytics course helps professionals build a systematic, analytical approach to marketing decision-making. The course will also help professionals learn how to extract information in the ways marketers are increasingly required to, for example, to segment customers and markets, determine the best pricing for a product in different situations, develop products that add value to consumers and firms and more.


The course syllabus includes modules on:

  • Using Excel to Summarize Marketing Data
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Forecasting
  • Customer Valuation and Conjoint Analysis
  • Introduction to R
  • Web and Social Media Analytics
  • Advertising and Promotion Analytics


Some other benefits of this course are:

Opportunity to earn a Certificate of Completion from IIM Kashipur.

  • Learn from Industry Professionals

Lectures by eminent faculty from IIM Kashipur and industry professionals.

  • “Tell-Show-Do” pedagogical approach

Apply concepts on popular tools like MS Excel and R through the “Tell-Show-Do” pedagogical approach.

  • Group project

Work on a group project to gain experience in real-life scenarios.

  • Develop hands-on skills

Case studies and class exercises to develop hands on skills that can be applied to practical scenarios


Become adept at systematic decision-making using powerful, proven analytical techniques for your business. Sign up for the Executive Certificate Program in Marketing Analytics & Customer Valuation from IIM Kashipur. Fill in your details and we will get back to you with more information on this course.



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