A successful business is not the one that makes money. It is one that customers believe in and trust. It is one that customers hold high in their evaluation because of its quality. As is often said, quality levels should be set in a way that they are unmatched. Business management certification courses have specific and detailed chapters on how this is done. They share how quality is actually developed, and more importantly improved and sustained.


Here are some guidelines that can help you improve the quality levels, in your business processes and thus impact your client engagement levels too.

  1. Leadership Involvement – The leaders have to be committed towards the quality levels. Very often leaders remain focused on how the revenue needs to increase or the costs need to decrease. They invest time and effort on what kind of sales are needed, but they forget that quality levels are what drives everything else. So ensuring that the top leadership follows a feedback cycle approach, to collect and factor in feedback that enables the business process to improve is important. The management’s support is key to improvement in the processes.
  2. Quality Metrics – Making quality levels every employee’s responsibility is a good idea. Add it to their metrics or KRAs. Share it in their scorecards, so that they realize how essential it is for the organization. The organization needs to lead by example, by driving it across all levels and making it an integral part of the culture. If you assign rewards for those who improve quality levels in the business processes, it shows that the organization wants to appreciate someone who made the effort.
  3. Innovation – Encouraging innovative ideas and alternative solutions is a good way to foster a culture of improvement. It allows employees to feel empowered about how they want to contribute and also lets the idea flow in an open manner. As a result of that, many new ideas might arise, which have a direct impact on the business processes, and hence can be actually applied. So have brainstorming or innovation sessions, create spaces or events for idea-sharing and remember to evaluate all ideas or give them the required importance. This can apply for any kind of business process – whether it is technology or people related.


Train people to understand what is quality and what it means to the organization. Enable them to realize and internalize the levels that you are looking to achieve. These are some ways of sensitizing them to the concept, as well as making them more proactive in their roles.

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