With the global economy growing vigorously, expanding the business internationally has become a key strategic pillar for many organizations in India today. An international expansion strategy is full of risks, uncertainties and other obstacles. Even so, companies today need to grow internationally and fast, if they want better rewards by investors and improved market share price.


International growth is a value accelerator for most organizations. Some of the benefits from the expansions are:

  • Improved return on capital
  • Diversified revenue stream
  • Increased reinvestment rate

Overall, faster growth for the business. This growth is often determined by strategic decision making. To help the business excel and achieve greater heights, all decision-makers and stakeholders need to be adept at Strategic Management. They also need to be aware of all the international policies for foreign trade.


If you are looking to help your business grow internationally, then the Executive Development Program in Strategies for International Business, from IIFT is the right fit for you.


This course from IIFT, a renowned institution in foreign trade in India, offers a blend of strategy and international business. The Strategies for International Business course has been designed to help managers & key decision-makers develop insights about formulating strategies in the international context.


Some of the benefits of this course are:

  • Premier Ivy League institute
    Opportunity to earn a Certificate from IIFT Delhi, a prestigious institution set up by GoI
  • Learn from the best at IIFT
    Lectures imparted by eminent faculty from IIFT Delhi and other Guest speakers
  • Gain practical insights about global business setup
    Learn relevant and practical aspects of building and implementing strategies in a global business environment
  • Learn about various facets of International Trade
    Understand aspects of framework and documentation pertinent to International Trade from the very best in the country


Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, IIFT, is an autonomous institution set up to help professionalize the country’s foreign trade management. It is primarily known for providing training and research-based consultancy in the areas of international business, both for the Government and the corporate sector.  IIFT ranks among the top 10 management institutes in the country.


The Executive Development Program in Strategies for International Business, from IIFT, will not only help you master various business strategies but also be a great value add to your resume. Boost your career progression in international business and sign up for the course today.


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