Strategic management has assumed pivotal importance in the ever-changing and dynamic environment of the business world. Strategic management is the development and implementation of strategic initiatives of the organization’s stakeholders. Strategic management certification courses equip senior managers and leaders to formulate brilliant strategies and attain maximum productivity. Online courses in strategic management from IIM Lucknow include blended learning programs and help working professionals to scale new heights in their careers.


Strategic management certification course focuses on enhancing the business acumen with a proper set of strategies. These courses allow learners to transition from conceptual learning to making actual business decisions smoothly. There are five important steps in strategic management. Let’s take a look at how these steps integrate into the whole strategic management process.


  • Goal Setting

The foremost aspect of strategic management lies in the planning and setting of goals. All team members should get acquainted with the short and long term goals of the business organization. Each team member has to imbibe a sense of purpose in their job role, which will have a positive impact on organizational goals. Online courses in strategic management from IIM Lucknow enables business managers to present the team with tangible objectives and keep them motivated and focused.


  • Analysis

This stage of the process involves the gathering of information and data as much as possible. The information will be crucial in strategy creation to achieve business goals. This step involves awareness of organizational issues and an understanding of the organizational requirements. Also, it is essential for evaluating and developing the internal and external environment of the company. This helps to reveal potential opportunities and threats that need to be addressed in strategic decision making.


  • Strategy Formation

This step comprises using aggregated intelligence and data to devise strategies to achieve business goals. Identification of useful resources and seeking out alternate resources form another vital part in strategy formation. This formulation equips the organization to identify what is critical to achieving successful business outcomes. Online courses in strategic management from IIM Lucknow have the requisite learning components to set organizational objectives, identification of own strengths and weaknesses, and those of competitors, outlining quantitative targets, and performance analysis.


  • Strategy Implementation

This is a significant step in the strategic management process which ensures that each team member has a clear knowledge of the plan and their individual roles in putting the strategy into action. Some formidable impediments in this key step are ambiguous senior-level commitment, cross-departmental conflicts, and lack of support from employees and managers. Strategic management certification course provides techniques and guidance to managers to navigate smoothly through the complexities of strategy implementation.


  • Strategy Monitoring

This stage consists of managing, monitoring, and evaluating each strategy component and to make sure it is in consonance with the end objective. If it does not, this is the opportune time to make tweaks and adjustments to consolidate the overall plan.


Final Thoughts

The above steps are not just a mere set of rules but should be considered as philosophical guidelines to implement the strategic management process best and making sure every business stakeholder understands the strategy.


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