Did you know that Data Science is the fastest growing and hottest skill of the decade? In fact, every single major publication in the world has called it the hottest job in the world, with the highest salaries in the regular job market.  Where else can you be an advisor to the top management of your company, make the highest salaries in the industry, work on interesting challenges every day and even work remotely when you wish to?

No wonder Harvard Business Review called Data Science “the sexiest job of the 21st Century”



This graph, by Google Trends, shows the massive surge in data science jobs in the last two years. While there is a huge gap in demand and supply of skills, a premium program from a prestigious institute can make all the difference.


Sounds Interesting? Here is where it gets even more compelling. With increased developments in technology, every business function imaginable is generating massive amounts of data in every organization. A successful business manager is now expected to know how to analyze this data and derive practical insights and actionable intelligence.

Yes, you don’t have to be a Data Scientist to Know Data Science. In today’s world, Every Business Manager is required to have at least the basic skills to take action and knowledge-based decisions and support it with data.

With a basic understanding of how to apply practical data science to your business, you can not only be assured of that next big career jump no matter what your job function, you can also become a sought-after professional for jobs abroad, especially since most companies value someone with a knowledge of data science much more than the average applicant.


A program in Data Science from XLRI is just what you need to get started.

Here’s why:


  • XLRI is among the oldest and the most respected Business Schools (ranking right at the top) not only in India but across the world
  • The XLRI faculty is a PhD in Management Information Systems from IIM Calcutta. Dr Chakraborty himself will be providing you hands-on guidance on how to become an expert in Data Science even as you handle real-world case studies and practical problems
  • The Executive Development Program in Data Science gets you a certificate directly from XLRI, a valuable endorsement to your CV.
  • You learn the latest and the most widely used Data Science program, R, combined with MS Excel, a familiar software whose real power is explored in this program. Either of this software can be used to analyze data from almost any computer in any company, rather than the other expensive licensed software that only IT companies use.

So hurry up and enquire today! Limited Seats are available from XLRI!


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