The number of pink slips handed over to employed professionals across the globe over the past two years has spooked everyone. The layoff axe can fall on anyone, including you. But, that doesn’t mean that you live in the constant fear of losing your job.

As they say, the only way out to face a fear is to conquer it. Here are five useful tips to overcome your anxiety over job insecurity:


  1. Work Harder

If you are working hard, then work harder. Try to go one step above your current performance rating. So, even if you are top performer, it is advisable not to be complacent.


  1. Explore the Possible Reasons/Signs of Job Loss

Don’t wait to be caught off-guard when the boss delivers you the bad news. Apart from the performance issue, list all other possible reasons or signs that can threaten your job and then see how you can address them:

  • The organization or industry has been registering poor performance for over one to two years.
  • The organization is undertaking major re-structuring changes.
  • The organization is struggling with timely payment of salaries or has kept promotions on hold.


  1. Go Networking

Scour through all your contacts – existing colleagues, ex-colleagues, seniors, mentors, alumni, industry networks, a circle of influence, etc. Talk to them about your job loss concern and look out for any new job opportunities they may know about.


  1. Upgrade Your Skills

This is one factor that is absolutely under your control. Depending on your area of expertise or work domain, you can upgrade your skills and even consider re-skilling or cross-skilling. These days, there are several online degree courses and learning modules which help professionals to enhance their skills. For example, if you are an entry-level finance professional, it would be a good idea to do a course in advanced financial management or for that matter, any other certificate course in financial management that keeps you relevant for the industry.


Stay Positive

Put your positivity glasses on. Don’t think about ‘what if’. Rather, get answers to ‘how I can’. This frame of mind will help you to sail smoothly through the fear.

With a go-getter attitude and learning new skills, you can easily kiss away the fear of a job loss.

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