Implications for human resource management 

Teamwork has always been immensely important. But with the changing workforce, as new and diverse sets of individuals start entering it, this has become more valuable. Diverse teams have their own challenges but they also have their own strengths. Human resource practitioners are grappling with what should be the right set of knowledge, skills, and abilities to develop in the employees today, to foster teamwork. Collaboration lies at the heart of all business success. The best HR certification is one that covers this aspect well.


Let us take a closer look at each of these three.

  1. Knowledge – Knowledge of your workforce, its demographics, the motivations that make them perform, and the aspirations they come with, is important for creating a deeper and more empathetic sense of teamwork. HR needs to be able to use this knowledge for decision making, creating effective team building programs, and bringing together different individuals for business purposes. The employees, on the other hand, need to come with the knowledge of their own expertise areas and the openness to share it with their team members.
  2. Skill – The skill to communicate, verbally, and in writing, is one of the core requirements for teamwork. It is also important to be able to think through, share ideas without hesitation, give feedback to each other constructively, and always focus on conflict resolution, are other crucial skills. The role of HR then means that it needs to ensure that the training programs or developmental interventions are designed to cover these skill gaps.
  3. Ability –Having the ability to be empathetic and sensitive to the other team members, being inclusive and bias-free, and being able to bring together the team to a consensus or commitment towards the long-term goals are crucial attributes in today’s times. We need to have more and more employees demonstrating these at the workplace. This will ensure that teamwork remains of paramount importance even when competitiveness to perform and excel individually, is high. HR’s role becomes more complex here because it needs to design performance management and rewards systems that recognize this ability. It also needs to be able to assess at least some of these qualities during hiring so that there are no major implications for business later due to wrong hires.


These are the three elements that impact teamwork and also have implications for human resource management. A combination of these is what is needed within our workforce today and HR departments are striving to achieve that balance.


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