Leadership and management are two important elements of an organization. They are also often used interchangeably. However, leadership and management have several differences which makes essential attributes individually. A manager is someone with the responsibility of supervising a team and a process. Managers across organizations are expected to display leadership behaviour in order to excel in their work. They are even sponsored by their organizations to participate in development courses on topics like leadership development or strategic performance management. Such courses help them enable their teams, align them to the goals of the organization and perform at their level best.


Key Characteristics of a Manager

A manager in an organization is a person who is focused on managing a team of people and their job activities. There can be a wide range of variance in the scope of his duty across organizations. Some managers manage extremely large teams with every team member managing his own team. Others manage a small team with a focused scope of work.

A manager’s job is to ensure that the work is done. He needs to focus on daily routine tasks and manage the activities of the members of his team according to the job at hand. It is more of a tactical role and has more of a controlling and authoritative approach to it.


Key Characteristics of a Leader

Leadership is a desirable trait in a person who can be taught to him. Leaders are emotionally intelligent beings who are great at communication. They are able to develop trust in others for them. They make others believe them and show virtues like integrity and honesty. Because of the above traits, they are not only able to make people work according to their directions but also inspire them to go the extra mile.

Leaders inspire and motivate their followers. Instead of driving the employees to finish a task, leaders motivate them to drive themselves. They lead by example and their team members look up to them for both inspiration as well as comfort. There is a healthy communication flow between a leader and his team, which leads to coordinated efficiency in work.


Final Words

Both management and leadership are important to an organization. Management is about doing things right, while leadership is all about doing the right things. While there are plenty of managers, true leaders are not so common and hence a prized asset for an organization. If you wish to gain these skills and become an indispensable resource to your organization, you can enrol into a business management course online or short-term leadership courses offered by leading education brands and institutes.


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