Market dynamics are changing. So is the intense competition you are dealing with. Also given the changing profiles of people joining organization, do you think business knowledge solely help achieve all the business objectives and take your business to the next level? Think again. Sure, knowledge of the business can give you a certain advantage but effective leadership is what makes things happen.


The brightest of ideas are vain, if you can’t get things done to effectively engage with your people and motivate them to achieve common goals. With effective leadership, competent individuals can perform better and reach new heights.


Most change initiatives in organization are aimed at efficient performance of the organization and better results. However, these initiatives fail to achieve their desired objective without skilled managers driving the change. Unlike what most organizations believe, leadership development and change management are not separate challenges; they go hand in hand. Managers with know-how of leadership and change management concepts, tools and techniques have a better chance of career advancement as they are more successful than others in handling managerial tasks and in managing change.


If you are gearing up to take on a leadership role in your career, then sign up for Executive Development Program in Leadership & Change Management from XLRI. This course will give insight into concepts and applications of leadership & change management with an emphasis on learning knowledge, skills and values.


Some other benefits of signing up for this course are:

  • Get certified by XLRI
    Earn a Certificate of Completion from XLRI upon successful completion of the course


  • Lectures imparted by eminent faculty from XLRI
    Experienced faculty from XLRI and Industry experts provide practical insights into everyday issues


  • Harvard Change Management Simulation
    Evaluate your change strategies with the Harvard Change Management Simulation


  • Live & Interactive Online Classes
    Learn anytime, anywhere without any complicated hardware or software installations required.


  • Assess your own leadership style
    Build leadership competencies to manage real life problems


  • Hands on practical experience
    Work along on an assignment to co-create innovative solutions (to a problem in your organization) with the help of other participants


The course intends to be participative with a lot of reflections/assessments into one’s own style of leadership and change management. It also provides opportunities to identify specific areas of improvement. Sign up for the Executive Development Program in Leadership & Change Management from XLRI today.


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