There are all kinds of leaders. While some find the notion of dictating their team comfortable, others like a more collaborative approach. We all know that successful businesses need effective leaders. Professionals, who can formulate & communicate new strategic directions while also motivating employees to perform better and meet the company’s goals, are vital to the growth and success of any organization.


The role of a leader is multi-faceted. While you need to ensure continued business growth and success, you also need to bring out the best of your employees and ensure they are happy with what they do. Part of it also includes creating more leaders and encouraging them to do better. All this requires a deeper understanding of what leadership is all about and how to apply it to everyday life.


The Executive Certificate Program in Leadership by Jack Welch Management Institute is a uniquely practical and relevant course that helps participants understand the importance of continuous improvement and innovation in fostering growth, evaluating and overcoming leadership challenges. This online leadership course is designed to drive powerful insights that one can apply immediately to become a better leader. This course aims at enabling participants to build and lead winning teams.

Some of the other key takeaways of this course are:

  • Opportunity to earn an international certificate awarded by The Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University, USA.
  • Learn to build guides, checklists and playbooks to create your own Professional Leadership Developmental Plan.
  • Access to multiple exclusive videos by Jack Welch, a once-in-a-lifetime experience that organizations across the globe pay top dollar for
  • Guest lectures by industry leaders & CXO’s in India to help understand relevant, practical and must-know aspects of leadership and what it means in the Indian context
  • Experiential leadership program where you learn to apply concepts to real-world situations immediately
  • Course content & structure designed by JWMI, under the guidance of Jack Welch himself


If you are looking to step-up in your career and ready to take on a leadership role then the Executive Certificate Program in Leadership from JWMI is the perfect start. Fill in your details and we’ll call you back with more information on this international online course in leadership.

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