Leadership is the skill or ability of an individual or an organization to lead other individuals or groups of individuals. Management, on the other hand, is the process of dealing with people or controlling people or groups of people. Organizational structure by default has employees who work under managers. The managers are responsible for ensuring that work is done by their team on time and as per requirement. Many companies want their managers to lead their teams passionately and to enable them in doing so, they sponsor them for a leadership development program undertaken by various business schools all over the country.

There is a lot of debate around the roles or approaches that a manager should take. It is believed in general that a leader motivates his team and makes them managers of their own work. Managers are limited in approach because they are not necessarily able to motivate or guide their team members. While they might be able to get the work done on time, it is not necessary that they have created a team that looks up to him as a leader.

People follow leaders while they only work under a manager. A leader has several straits like honesty and integrity. People believe in what a leader has to say. Leaders are visionaries. They can see beyond the obvious and have a connection with their team members. They can inspire people and build trust. They like to do things differently and are not afraid of new challenges. They have good communication skills and keep an open channel of sharing between themselves and their team members. The team is also not afraid or wary of sharing feedback or ideas with leaders.

As opposed to the above-mentioned description of a leader, a manager is not necessarily a leader. However, a good manager is a leader too. It helps him get his team on board with the objectives and goals of the company. He can align his team to his vision. To do so, he acts and behaves like a leader.


A leader should be able to motivate his team to carry out difficult tasks like an achievement of tough targets. He can do so by inspiring them and leading them from the front. Leadership and management should go hand-in-hand for a business to be successful. Without visionary leadership, business suffers.

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