The quest to arrive at the real worth and value of an entity is potentially never-ending and has kept deep thinkers busy for many centuries.

Fortunately, the situation in the world of finance is far more amenable to structured research and analysis and Copal Amba, the leading provider of offshore research and analytics services to global financial corporations is a name to reckon with. If you want to learn firm valuation, modelling, research and analysis from the leader in bespoke research and consulting services to global PE and VC industry participants, a partner of investment banks in adding a critical edge to banking and improving profitability and a Fortune 1000 company, you should consider the following programs from Copal Amba:


Further, the trend towards tighter regulations and more frequent disclosure of financial figures contribute to greater access to the financial performance details of companies and to financial transparency in general.

With the steady multiplication of corporate data, it becomes even more critical to do thorough research, organize the data and arrive at the big picture before making strategic decisions. This can be done by using quantitative techniques that unleash the powerful functions and capabilities build into spreadsheets.

More insights about the value of firms can be gained by building models that capture accurately the numerous variables at play in a rapidly evolving financial environment and the effect of their interactions. The models can become better approximations of the real world if they also incorporate macroeconomic variables and metrics used for fundamental analysis of stocks and for de-risking strategies.

For a particular model to be effective in a professional’s day-to-day role and geography, it should offer the possibility of customization and also build on the theory of pricing capital assets and the refinements that have been proposed over the years. In such a scenario, acquiring the skills that will help a finance professional or a fresh graduate become financial analytics professional and build a lucrative career in Private Equity, I-banking, Equity Research, Project Evaluation and Management, Corporate Banking, etc. is an inescapable imperative. Copal Amba’s programs on Equity Research and Modelling would help you make your dream career a reality.

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