Change is the only constant.


Businesses today are increasingly facing the need to constantly change and evolve to keep up with the demands of the industry. A recent survey in change management by Prosci and Marg, stated that almost 30% of the organizations in India are gearing up for Change Management (Economic Times, 10 April 2017). Given the rapid growth of social forces that have caused disruption for many businesses, change management has become an integral process for organizations to embrace.


The survey report highlighted India’s readiness for change management. It focuses on how change management processes would lead to accelerated business growth, and in turn, result in the success of the organisation.


If you are looking to move onto a leadership role, then you need to be ready for taking on Change Management as well. Fret not, we have got you covered. The Executive Development Program in Leadership & Change Management from XLRI will offer you insight into theories and application of leadership and change management. Here’s how it will really benefit you:


Learn to understand the scope of a project:

This course will help you understand the on-going changes in your organization, and prioritize actions that will guide this change.


Start to implement a change process:

Learn to identify team members most affected by new business processes and find leaders to focus on such employees to ensure a smooth progression.


Identify developments and revise initiatives:

As a leader, you will learn to keep track of the developments and revise initiatives where the plan has not been effective.


Get certified by XLRI:

Opportunity to earn Certificate of Completion from XLRI.


While you look to address the changes to your organization, it is essential to understand the role you play to affect organizational performance. Become the leader you have always dreamed of, sign up for the Executive Development Program in Leadership & Change Management and set your career on the fast track.


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