We live in a fast-paced world, constantly bombarded with communication from brands, governments, friends and colleagues. Attention Spans are at an all-time low. Marketers are constantly striving to keep ahead of the marketplace, competitors and noise to interact and engage with customers. But is their job done with interacting and making the consumer aware?

Actually, that is half the job done. Never before have had marketers faced a challenge of such magnitudes. They need to not only connect with the consumer but also “talk and persuade” to him once he is In-Store. This is where the modern science of Shopper Marketing was born.


Shopper Versus Consumer – What is the difference?

For the last few decades, marketers tried understanding who their consumers are and how they behave, undertaking customer profiling and segmentation to enable brands to align their products and services to meet specific needs. Though this approach helped marketers to align their communication with better targeting and focus on driving positive ROIs on campaigns, this approach placed negligible attribution to the fact that “consumer” can be motivated or influenced during the process of shopping. Hence the birth of “Shopper Marketing”.

Shopper Marketing goes much beyond in-store promotions. It is a customer-centric philosophy that helps in the long term development and health of a brand. Being a critical element of the marketing mix, no brand can ignore it.

This program on Retail and Shopper Marketing from MICA would help participants in understanding how the target consumers behave as shoppers in different channels/ formats and leverage the insights gained for the benefit of all involved, including Manufacturers, Retailers, Consumers and Shoppers.

Participants are also expected to gain an understanding of how to manage communications for Shopper marketing in a highly competitive environment.

Who Should Attend

  • Mid to senior-level Business executives with roles in Retail Sales, Marketing, Store Operations, Merchandising, Business Development and Branding who have specific responsibilities to market their products and services through retail channels and formats.
  • Retail industry professionals who are responsible for creating and maintaining retail environments or for generating insights about consumers to improve retail operations and sales.
  • Business Heads who want to enhance their knowledge of advanced retailing methods and shopper behaviour to develop innovative retail strategies.
  • Young professionals aspiring to take on roles in marketing, consumer behaviour, retail sales etc. but who do not have formal education in this domain.

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