Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not restrained to knowing how to run a Facebook campaign or conducting SEO research. It is a way of thinking, a set of skills that can have an incredible effect on a business, regardless of its size. It is advertising delivered through digital channels such as websites, search engines, email, social media, and mobile apps. The Financial Times states that “digital marketing requires a new approach to marketing and a new understanding of customer behavior”.


A Digital Marketer

A digital marketer has to be analytical, technology-driven, have the ability to perform A/B split tests and constantly embrace new ways of thinking. In other words, a digital marketer should be able to blend traditional marketing with modern-day insights.


What a Digital Marketer’s Life Revolves Around

Juggling multifarious activities describes the life of a digital marketer. A breaking down of the life of a digital marketer into tasks will help us understand things a little better.



A digital marketer’s day starts with emails. It helps in arranging the time, based on priorities. Schedules can be adjusted to meet any new tasks assigned. A quick look at the performance reports of running campaigns gives a good idea of the action required. Industry eNewsletters help to keep one abreast of the latest trends.


Monitoring & Responding

Data managers quickly learn that Google Analytics is their best friend. Throughout the day they monitor it to determine customer patterns and check for performance data. They use this data to find opportunities to increase sales, customer satisfaction, and engagement. After all, report generation is a big part of digital marketing.

They also observe social media channels for activity and respond appropriately. Checking Googe Alerts or Mention to see how the company is faring online is also a part of their role as is keeping an eye on the competition.


Campaign Management and Content Creation

The entire set of media outlets like social platforms, email marketing, paid advertising campaigns and content marketing come within the digital manager’s domain. They would spend significant time on writing, editing and producing original content, creating graphics, planning & scheduling social media posts, building email marketing campaigns, developing PPC campaigns and bidding strategies, establishing and planning A/B testing. Their most important task being campaign management whereby effectiveness is measured through key performance indicators.


Website Management

It is the job of the digital manager to ensure that all pages are fully functional and maximized for SEO management. Most digital managers have a working knowledge of HTML to be able to communicate with their development team at their level. Digital managers may also be required to create new content such as blog posts, landing pages, and product information pages.


Collaboration & Networking

Collaboration with other departments like sales, customer service, and HR is a must for the implementation of the overall marketing strategy. Networking is a tool for the success of any campaign. A large part of a digital marketer’s life is devoted to creating business relationships and maintaining them.


Digital Marketing Course

A digital marketer would do well to undertake an online digital marketing certification. Digital marketing courses from MICA, IIM Raipur etc. would provide skills to proceed in the area of digital marketing. Several online digital marketing certifications are available at premier institutes to help you in your career progression.

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