Machine learning has arguably become one of the most popular technologies in human lives. Whether you are using Siri or Alexa in your homes or scouting Netflix on what to watch next, you are using machine learning and artificial intelligence.


These “technologies of the millennia” are changing, nay transforming human lives, and if you are not paying attention, get ready to be left behind.


Simply put, if you are striving to build a lucrative career in this domain, you must be aware of these use cases or real-world applications of ML. Whether you do it by pursuing an online ML program or choose a full-time masters to acquire this knowledge, it’s up to you. Till you make the decision, let’s get you started.


Machin Learning Is:-


  • Making Medical Diagnosis


The variety of machine learning tools and techniques help solve diagnostic and prognostic problems in several medical domains. Ranging from a prediction of disease progression to the extraction of medical knowledge for research and therapy planning, patient care has been taken to a whole new level due to machine learning.


In fact, ML is also being leveraged for data analysis of medical records to detect regularities in data produced by the ICU or research on diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Want to learn more about the implementation of machine learning in data analytics? Read here.


  • Predicting Traffic and Road Closures


You all must have used Google Maps at least once in your life. Well, it’s time to let the cat out of the box. Machine learning is what drives navigation and GPS systems. It helps avoid traffic and reach the destination on time.


Programmed GPS works to save your location and velocities in a central server, which is then used to map the current traffic on route. Furthermore, ML does a congestion analysis and help the driver calculate the fastest way to reach the destination.


If you are fascinated by these applications, dive into machine learning by pursuing an accredited online ML program.


  • Taking Over Social Media


There are approximately 4.33 Billion social media users.


Most of them are unaware of the fact that ML is behind the way their feed is displayed. That’s right! Social networking websites/applications like Facebook and Instagram keep track of who you are most connected with, profiles you frequently visit, shared groups, interests, etc. And based on the continuous learning, it makes suggestions with whom you can be friends.


Apart from this, social media websites and applications immediately recognise your friends the moment you upload a picture on media and gives a notification to tag them. The front-end may look comfortable and compelling. However, the programming that took place to implement this is quite intricate.


Only an accredited ML course like the IIM Raipur machine learning certificate program in India can help you understand the accurate application of such ML algorithms.


Other Real-World Applications of Machine Learning


  • You Must be Aware of the Smart Assistant, Right? That’s ML’s Doing.


Raise your hands – Who uses Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant?


You may not have raised yours, but according to stats, every 2 in 5 individuals use voice search at least once a day.


Ranging from setting alarms, reminders to updating users with live news via notifications are just some of the numerous tasks these voice assistants perform. In addition, these assistants are also programmed to answer questions like, “what is the US dollar rate today?” or “are there any Italian restaurants near me?”


But how? How do they acquire this information?


These assistants look for information based on your query or send a command to other resources on the web to collect data and respond to your question. In fact, some questions may be answered with a funny answer like:-




The IIM Raipur machine learning certificate program in India can teach you everything, ranging from how these assistants are programmed to the latest machine learning trends. So if you are striving to acquire this knowledge, enrol for this accredited online ML program TODAY!


  • Product Recommendation for the WEBnation


Have you ever found yourself in a position where you were looking for a mobile phone, bought the mobile phone, but you also ended up adding a screen guard and back cover in your cart?


Well, the secret behind this is machine learning. Online shopping websites and applications like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra provide a great user experience with various options for a given product. These product recommendations are made based on your search behaviour, past purchases, and items on your wishlist. This is done to refine your shopping experience.


In addition, if you are binge-watching a show on Netflix or Amazon Prime, these apps provide recommendations on what you should watch next. Again, that’s machine learning. It collects data on what you have watched in the past and the type of content you liked; these programs then compare it against what you are watching right now to provide show recommendations.


  • Cybersecurity – Creating a Secure Transaction Place


Apart from leisure and entertainment, machine learning is also used to identify and prevent monetary fraud, making cyberspace secure for online transactions and net banking.


Applications like PayTm, Google Pay, and PayPal are equipped with a set of tools that help them track transactions and distinguish between legitimate and fraud activities, thereby preventing false proceedings.


An online ML program can help you learn all about instilling security and surveillance. By exposing you to every facet of the domain, these courses are designed to help you build prowess in machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Bottom Line – There’s No Bottom Line


Because it doesn’t end here, you’ll be amazed to learn about how machine learning and artificial intelligence have transformed human lives. Ranging from banking, marketing, to travel, these technologies have touched every essence of human lives.


So if you are striving to build a thriving career in this domain, take the next step – scout the internet for the IIM Raipur machine learning certificate program in India, the best ML and analytics course online, and enrol yourself TODAY!




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