E-education or e-learning is the delivery of education or any type of training by electronic teaching methods. This electronic method can be a computer or a smartphone where teaching material is accessed by use of the internet usually. Other than the internet, CDs, DVDs, television and other similar tools can also be used for E-learning. There are several E-learning portals offering online courses in India and abroad now. Many people avail these professional certificate courses to enhance their learning and career.


E-learning has several benefits over traditional modes of learning in India.


Unlike the traditional method of classroom teaching, E-learning can prove to be a value for money option for people. By enrolling oneself in an online course, a student in India can take up a course in an American university at a fraction of a cost. Therefore, it is highly cost-effective for a student.  Even for a college or university, giving an online course would mean not having to bear the infrastructural and maintenance costs that come up with any physical building and equipment. Hence, we can say that it is cost-effective for both students and educators.


E-learning can be achieved anywhere. A student does not need to be physically present in a class and the teachers do not need to reach to a place on a scheduled time to deliver a lecture. A person can study from the comforts of his home through E-learning. You can also access it while travelling. In this way, it is good for professionals who can’t leave their job but still want to study. This is a type of distance learning that is highly functional because of its accessibility and flexibility.


Another benefit of E-learning lies in its flexibility of timing. You can enrol yourself in a course and then you are free to access it any time you can as long as you finish the entire course within a stipulated time range. Some courses are in fact free from any time limit. You can take those up at your own pace. Thus, E-learning can be ‘on-demand’ as well. You can demand where you want to study and at what time you want it.


There are several terms used today to describe e-learning such as e-education, online learning, internet learning, distance education, electronic learning etc. It is as interactive as any traditional form of learning. It can either be live or pre-recorded. It is graded and certified just like any other mode of teaching. E-learning has proved a successful method of learning and has a bright future ahead.


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