Imagine this: You are on your way to work, listening to your favourite radio station. And while the RJ is doing the same old boring talk, you are improvising his script in your head. You think to yourself, they should hire you instead of that lousy RJ.

Or this: You are passing by a TV showroom and they’re replaying a televised event on all their flashy screens. You are wondering, that award function you saw last evening could have been so much better – if only you got to make some tweaks.

If that’s the kind of career you are looking for we have just course for you. MICA’s PG Certificate Program in Media & Entertainment Management, in association with Talentedge, is just the push your career needs. Here are 4 reasons that will convince you why.


Take up a career of your choice: Pursuing your passion is the best means to stay on top of your game. When you love what you do, you give each task your best shot and see it through. If you are keen on taking up Media & Entertainment, this course from MICA will not just give you an academic edge, it will also help you achieve greater heights in your career.


Influence people: Media & Entertainment industry is not just popular because of all the glamour associated with it. It is an opportunity to influence people, whether you are on-screen or behind it. Learn to communicate with the masses make a mark in their hearts and minds. If you seek recognition, then this is the best platform for you to put your name out there.


Learn more, earn more: The more qualified you are educational, the more you are benefited financially. The nature of the Media & Entertainment industry is progressive and demanding. Therefore, the need for skilled professionals is fast growing. Taking up this course will enhance your skills and open you up to good job roles & even better pay packages.


Build your own nexus: MICA ranks on top among different Media Management courses in India. A course from a renowned institute like MICA is an excellent opportunity to grow your network. You will build important relationships with other participants, working in different organizations during the course. Being recognized as alumni of MICA will serve you well throughout your career.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to make an entrance into one of the most happening industries in the country. Fill up this form with your details and we will get back to you with more information on MICA’s PG Certificate Program in Media & Entertainment Management.

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