We are in the age of Media. With a lot of clutter around, our communication has to be on the right platform to catch maximum attention. The nuances of Advertising and PR are more than ever important and may also be the difference between a viral or a dud campaign.


Get ready to take over the media industry with the PG course in Advertising Management and Public Relations from MICA, read to know how.


The advent of Digital has only boosted the need for advertising. In fact, the Pitch Madison Media Advertising Outlook report for 2017 predicts a 13.5% growth in advertising spends and estimates the market to grow by 6,672 crores to reach Rs 56,152 crores. That’s a lot, isn’t it?


There’s more. Brands are going to move towards investing in the future and building trust using PR rather than just living in here & now. Especially with access to all the data that businesses have today, PR will grow to be vital to building a brand.


Before you hop on to the Ad & PR bandwagon, here’s a little something you should know: a specialised education has often helped professionals with early success in their career, even more so when it is from a reputed institute. We have just what you need. Sign up for this PG course on Advertising and Public Relations from MICA and embark on an exciting career in.


Wondering what’s in it for you? Read on.

  • MICA, India’s leading advertising institute, this name alone can make your resume stand out and this PG course can provide impetus to your career
  • Over a course of one year and eight modules, master the concepts of Advertising, Marketing Research, PR and Media Management, the complete gamut of media in one course
  • Earn the alumni status and be part of the elite group with who’s who of the advertising and PR industry from MICA and get better recognition in your career
  • Interact face-to-face as a peer with some of the brightest minds in the country during a 5-day On-Campus module at MICA Ahmedabad.


Don’t think any further and apply now to the course or talk to our counsellor on how to join MICA’s PG Certificate Program in Advertising Management and Public Relations.


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